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What a month

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I've been in the hospital three times in past 30 days counting today's getting out, exactly 30 days from first visit on 15th of April.  It's been decided I have intermittent bowel obstruction, trust me, you don't want this, only thing that touches the pain is dilalud.  

So far I've lost 8 pounds (not bad after losing 14 pounds in a week the time I got the wrong prescription all those months ago) and am apparently also going to say goodbye to my spleen.

My spleen was enlarged on a ct scan on May 2nd (my second visit to the ER, where they gave me good meds and then told me it was a fibroid problem and then sent me home) and my oncologist visited me in the hospital this morning to let me know on Monday it was 92 but today 55, so that I needed my spleen out right away, oh the joys of cancer.

waiting to hear from Stanford about spleen surgery.  

Nice to be out of the hospital back into my normal world again, at least for a little while.

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So sorry to hear that you have been having so many problems.  As we have heard from others on the board, getting the spleen out does make a difference.  Glad that you are back at home and hope that you get to feeling better very soon (well until the spleen surgery).  Thank you for the update and I'm sure tonight you will have a much better night of sleep.


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Gosh I wish I had known you were in such misery. I could have at least sent prayer or good vibes (depending on your belief). 

I am sorry to hear of your troubles, and especially your pains. I hope they have got that all under control. 

More surgery. That is disheartening. 

I'm so glad you are home and well enough to pop in to share your woes. We're thinking of you.

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I am truly sorry to hear about all of your misery and that you have to endure yet another surgery.

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Wow, that's no way to ring in spring!  Sorry things have been rough, hope they begin to improve quickly.

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So sorry that you're having these problems.  Hope things improve soon.

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You're supposed to be spending your spring out enjoying the weather.  Doesn't that darn spleen understand that??

But more seriously, I hope removing it proves helpful for you.  I know many of us have had to get it out.  It seems weirdly unimportant in the overall scope of things, as least as far as organs go.  I actually have no idea what it even does.

Thanks for updating us!  And enjoy the time at home ("there's no place like", right?).

Big hugs~AA

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 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEi_4Cyx4Uw   "A Parody of "The Fox" by Ylvis. This video was created for the 107th Annual Second Year Show by the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HMS/HSDM) class of 2016."

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I really don't know the words to say how sorry I am for you.  This cancer causes so much misery.

Hugs from George & Diane





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Oh that sounds painful - ouch.  Glad you know what's causing it, it's under control, and you have some relief.

Get well soon!



Cathleen Mary
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What a horrible month you've endured....so sorry.  Enough!  I have my spleen so can't speak to that but I hope it's removal will lead to better health and carefree days.  This is certainly an insidious disease.

You're amazing!



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When my daughter-in-law came over to pick up her son, she said to me, "David (my son) told me that you have to get your spleen out now?  How many body parts have they taken from you and you just get to keep on going?"

This cracked me up, because I hadn't thought about it, I told her, I still have a gall bladder, appendix and uterus that are beginning to get nervous!!!!


The body is an amazing thing!!!


Winter Marie

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The body is an amazing thing!!!

And so are you. 

Thank you for taking the time during your wicked month, to post about Joe's passing. 

I'm on my 11th surgery, and hoping no more, but alas, as you say, there is much more than can be removed, and we seem to be able to manage without.

I know you'll keep us posted, so I hope you'll know we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. 

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I had a bowel obstruction too, and that is some serious pain. I haven't had my spleen out so I don't have advice for that. With my bowel obstruction, I could only have liquid nutriton...juicing can help keep your weight up and not cause blockage issues. I'm sorry you're going through this...do everything you can to keep your weight on...although I'm sure you are doing that already. Keep us posted on how youre doing please.


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Winter, so sorry I failed to respond to your post earlier. I have been in such a funk worried about JBG, finances, & selling the cabin. Am making progress & will be heading to Kentucky soon.

JBG is very ill & in agonizing pain even with multiple meds, so she probably isn't posting or reading. Spleen surgery was one of hers as well as Craig's also. Have not seen him around for a bit.

Hope everything is going okay for you.



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every positive thought sent JBG's way,  OMGoodness, will this crap not give us a break?!?!?  Well, Hun, just know sending love, care and every other thing I can think of for JBG's recovery and for the pain to go away!!!!

Let her know we are thinking of her and send our love; To BOTH of you!!!

Winter Marie

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