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Memorial Day 2014

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Dear Friends,

As we approach Memorial Day here in the USA, many will be remembering all those who have served in our armed forces.

It has been a custom here to also remember those of our comrades-in-arms on this forum who have passed on since the last Memorial Day list was published.  They all fought bravely against this disease.

Here is a list I have compiled.  Unfortunately, it is a long list.  I know I speak for all when I say the losses are difficult to deal with.  We can only move forward and try to give to others what has been freely given to us….friendship and support.

If I have missed anyone, please do not hesitate to add them to this thread.

Since I am not on CSN as much as in prior years, I would hope that someone else will take over keeping track of this for next year.

Marie who loves kitties


Please note that I have only given their CSN Name in order to not breach anyone’s privacy.

Date            CSN Name                    

5/11/13       Kenny H.                       

5/28/13       devotion10’s husband

6/29/13       ABackho                       

7/2/13         Steved                           

7/18/13       Vickilg                           

7/18/13       Doc_Hawk                    

7/22/13       Westie66                       

8/7/13         Chelsea71’s husband    

8/16/13       rls67 mother-in-law

8/16/13       scared99’s mom

8/23/13       Marieanne313’s aunt

8/27/13       belindahill’s husband    

8/27/13       Winter Marie’s sister-in-law

8/29/13       taraHK                          

10/27/13     Renw                             

11/5/13       Wawaju04976               

11/6/13       steveandnat                   

11/15/13     lovekitties’s  sister

12/22/13     tachilders                       

1/30/14       kathryn_in_min            

1/30/14       Emma’s husband

2/14/14       rls67’s wife

4/4/14         vinaykumar’s father

4/12/14       Goldie1’s husband                 

5/5/14         JoeMetz                        


For those who want to review prior years that I did use these links:



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Thanks for the post Marie. You are right. The list is way too long. Actually one person is too many. It seems like we are so close to some breakthrough treatments. I just pray they are for real and come sooner than later so you can stop making a list every year.

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Remebering Bigman4Christ - Zach - who passed the first week in January. 

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I have also been keeping a record, and will continue to do so, if you need someone to take this wonderful but sad tradition, I will do so. 

My heart weeps for all of our friends who have passed.

My heart weeps for those of you who have lost your loved ones, but how grateful I am for those of you who still share your experience, even through your pain of loss. 

A special place this is. 


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Thank you for not only remembering Zach, but also for offering to take the lead for the coming year.

This past year has been difficult for me to keep up.

May the list be much shorter for you.


Marie who loves kitties

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It's very sad, but also important for us to remember.


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for compiling this list the past few years.  It's important for us to remember those who have gone.  And thank you, Sue, for taking over for Marie.

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May we find an answer so the list can stop.  Also My name is Helen Smith from New York.  There are over 30,000 people named Helen Smith just in NY so I'm comfortable with posting that.  Although I plan on making this list when I'm 99 and have had enough.  Thanks for keeping track.  It's all so heart breaking.   

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I live in a tiny, rural Nevada town of 7,000, and I am the only person in the whole state with my name.  Talk about extremes.

Heavens! I just realized. You know my first name, and that I'm English. I bet I'd still be easy to track down. Not that anyone wants to, but just saying.


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lol  I find the whole not letting people know your name thing because you have cancer silly.  Even keeping medical history secret is silly to me.  How are others supposed to learn what not to do if we don't all speak up.  I've connected with a few people on Facebook so that I actually get to talk to them about other things besides cancer.  I want people to celebrate the life of Helen Smith, not Helen 321.  I made up that name in the middle of the night when I was losing my mind.  Helen 123 was taken.   Sometimes "support" means just chewing the fat although we need to change that saying because people with cancer shouldn't be chewing fat.

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I don't mind people knowing my real name, most here do. Anyone who bumps into me in my small town, knows I have cancer beause I tell them or word has got around. I like to 'show' them what the face of cancer looks like, at least my face, both good and bad, and I don't spare them the nasty details, like the Hell that was called radiation or the constant need to run to the loo, and quick.  Of course I also let them know how individual cancer can be. Not two alike, maybe similarities but we all handle it differently. 

I ramble. Sorry. Any way, if you are sane (or insane), and want to be 'my friend' on Facebook, PM me. 

Cathleen Mary
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Marie,  thank you so much for being our collective memory.  You are so faithful to all of us.  And, Sue, thank you for your willingness to continue this sacred tradition. I want to remember those who gave me courage when I trembled and hope when mine ran low.



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Janie1 / Joan passed away October 24, 2013.   A longer discussion is on the "other" board.  Joan wrote me several encouraging notes.  

A thread with coverage from 2011 and before: http://csn.cancer.org/node/219604

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Marie for doing this and Helen for taking over. It's important to remember, and to those on the list thank you for your service.


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thank you for remembering him on your list.  Devotion10 is a dear friend of mine who encouraged me to join this board. I am sorry that she cannot post herself. She misses her friends on the forum very much and wishes love and strength to all.  

Peace. ~ Daisy13


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