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Felt down

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I went to the Oakland A's game for Mother's Day With my family n friends. Guess what happened to me I went to walked on the baseball  field  for the Breast Cancer wiith all the survivors! Anyways, while I was on the field I was looking around for my friends n family to see where they all at, so my best-friend text me to let me know where they at, so I tell her to wave out the window suit #69 , so I can see her, then look up n saw her right away so decided to just walk out from the line where we all standing to wait to let go our Pink ballon, so I decided to walked out for a bit so she can see me where I'm at, somehow felt down it happened soo fast I think I Tripp over something on the grass Omg!! I don't even know what is It..I was soo embrassing i got up right away n get back to the line!! I think everyone at the game they all saw me  when I felt.. That was the worst  day of my life ! But on the hand i am a survivors!! 

New Flower
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do not worry much I am sure everybody understood. you are survivor and please be proud.

worst day of my life was when I learnt about the cancer has been coming back.  when we loose love ones or a friend that is really bad.

hugs to you

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Don't fret.  I do similar things and have done so through my life.  Just one of those who has bad luck and a mixture of bad nerves.   I did something stupid about a month ago and for the first time in my life I thought, oh well it's done.  Though my heart fell into my stomach at the time.  It was an honest mistake but did involve family members and we know how that can go......

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pride may be hurt but you can have a good laugh...in hind sight...have a GOOD CHUCKLE right now..



we've all had our moments..



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