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Black Patches around Knee

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I am 32 years old on my right knee I have strange black spots more than 10 since from last 5-6 years now . They never caused any problem , never spread , the patches don't have any bump and they don't feel any different when touching ..They don't itch as well.. Is it something to worry about ? What is the worrying sign for skin cancer to go see my dermatologist ? No one in my family have any form of cancer ? Adding an image I just took ..Bit worried so if anyone can answer should be great .

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See a dermatologist.  Something is definately going on if you've had blackened skin for years.  No one here can DX what's going on - only a DR who is actually seeing you.  IF there is a skin cancer going on - the sooner it is DXd and you get in TX, the better.

Not having a family HX of cancer does not prevent one from developing cancer.  There is no cancer in at least 4 generations on either side of my family but that didn't keep me from developing IBC (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) almost 5 yrs ago.  Since then, I have also developed 2 types of skin cancer (not related to the IBC) - Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma.  Both were more or less expected as I'm VERY light skinned, spent a lot of time outdoors all my life and have had pre-cancerous spots burned/frozen off over years.  

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Seeing a dermatologist is exactly the thing to do, I completely agree with Rague. My last melanoma was found in my lymph node, left neck.  No pain, no symptoms other than it was a small pea sized hard lump.  It took several months to grow larger, and if I hadn't watched it get bigger I never would have done anything.  Well, actually, my husband insisted I see my doctor, since I'd had melanoma in the past.  What a surprise to find I had melanoma again three years later. 

My first melanoma was discovered on my scalp by my hair dresser.  It was a nickel sized, peach colored, flat patch that was not easily detectable, I had no symptoms.  It doesn't have to hurt, itch, or be lumpy to be melanoma.

Only a doctor can diagnose your problem, and don't wait!  After many tests and three surgeries later I am now on a Yervoy clinical trial (having some weird side effects).  Definately not worth putting off.

Wishing you all the best!



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