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eating question

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Treatment is complete.  Dr. Said it was successful,  mass has shrunk to nearly gone, awaiting surgery.  So here's the question. .. swallowing is not a problem,  foods will go down but won't stay down.  Not always though,  so its like we can't figure out why. Are there any tricks to this like drinking first, no liquids, certain foods? Anyone else have this? It doesn't seem to be the esophagus that's the issue,  maybe more the stomach?  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  

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maybe it's a motility issue with the esophagus. my husband is the one who has cancer , and hasn't had the same issue as you 

but i am often nauseous and i take domperidone ho help with movement of the food .

i don't think domperidone is available in the usa, but perhaps your doctors could suggest something if they think that is a possibility.

all the best,


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My husband had Domperidone, before and after his op too and it helped a lot.

For him it was the treatment that made him sick.

I'm so pleased that your husbands treatment went well.

It's generally better not to drink with meals and just eat little meals about 6 to 8 times a day.

Your husband will probably have to do this after his op anyway.

Try to keep his weight up if you can as they lose quite a bit post op.

The other thing you could try is to walk for 15 minutes after eating and this might help his digestion a bit.

Foods as a trigger, vary from person to person, so you could try keeping a food diary so that you can pinpoint any triggers.

I hope the op goes well and your husband is feeling better really soon.

There is so much heartbreaking news on hear that I wanted you to know that my hsband is two years and three months post op and eating and drinking pretty much as he was before his op.

Keep your spirits up and stay positive if you can.

Love, prayers and a hug,


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