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For Those Who Need Hope

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I am a survivor of a GBN stage 4. It was Dec. of 2007 that I had the surgery then radiation and chemo. The chemo lasted 2 years. I do bi-yearly MRIs and I am 54 years old. “They” gave me 18 months and I will be grateful and excited to hit 7 years this December.

There is hope and God numbers our days!

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Dietmarlh -

This is fantastic news, very happy you are doing well.  Your info above gives our family alot of hope and with our faith we are praying to be one of the grateful ones like you that out live the "death" time frame.  "They" also gave us 15-18 months

You are correct -- only God is the holder of our days!

Wishing you the best. 



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Amazing...thanks for hope xxxx

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Gene Radcliffe
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Good to hear, I need some hope. I am being told that I have five years if im lucky.

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My mother's glioblastoma surgery was Sept. '08. The doctors at the time didn't give us any reason to hope. Almost 6 years now, and still no sign of cancer. She's 75 years old.

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So fantastic!! I am so happy to hear about your super recovery Smile I can only hope my mother has similar outcome.

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