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Right Underarm and Right Breast Swollen and Mammogram normal

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I have been battling with Right Underarm Swelling and my Right Breast is swollen as well. I have been to my OBGYN and sent to a Breast Surgeon. Ayear later after being told its not cancer my breast is still swollen and my right underarm is swollen and very uncomfortable. I am now with a new provider and she sent me for a mammogram. The mammaogram is normal and yet the swelling continues along with my bra putting an indention in my right shoulder. I feel I am back at square one and going through this mess all over again. I am getting tired of beong told everything is fine when I feel inmy heart and in my body something is wrong. Please I need some advice.

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If you are not getting answers, I would not hesitate to go for another opinion.  I am not sure where you are located, but sometimes it is better to seek out a large teaching facility where they might see unusual edema more often.  Here is a link about possible causes of unilateral breast edema (one-sided breast swelling):



Good luck!

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As you might be aware, there are a lot of lymph nodes in the underarm area. They can be swollen for a number of reasons such as infection, blockage and unfortunately cancer. Four and a half years ago I also had significant swelling in my right underarm. The mammogram also came back as normal, but the swelling increased and was very uncomfortable. The radiologist said the problem with the mammogram was that the field of vision was not large enough to include the axillary lymph nodes. An ultrasound of the area was done and then a biopsy. Unfortunately the pathology  report said the cells were malignant. A Tissue of Origin test was done on the sample to determine what kind of cancer we were dealing with. The reason for that extra test was that it was a somewhat unusual (but not unheard of) presentation of breast cancer - no malignancy in the breast tissue itself. The test scans for 11 different types of cancer. Mine was confirmed to be breast cancer as opposed to lymphoma or something else. I strongly suggest that you discuss getting further testing done. Hopefully you just have a bacterial infection, but wouldn't you want to have a medical certainty one way or another?

Good luck. Please keep us posted.



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Any updates?  Please check in with us when you can.


Vicki Sam

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A few symptoms before I was diagnosed was soreness, swelling and itchyness.  My bras were very uncomfortable and I seemed to be growing bigger and bigger.  I had mamos every year, always normal.  Mine DOES NOT SHOW UP ON MAMMOS until becomes a lump.  Which it eventually did.  Infiltrating Lobular is my type.  So please ask for MRI it is the best for detecting this type and any other that may not have been detected for whatever reason.  Let's hope it is just an infection, you easily get those with shaving etc.good luck.

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