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Joemetz has passed away

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Joe passed away today.  I got to meet this man in person at his place of business in Toledo, Ohio.  He was just as go-getter, effusive and lovely a person as one would like to meet.

He was a fighter, a giver of time, and I'll miss him dearly.

My condolences to his wonderful family.

Winter Marie

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Oh my, this is such heartbreaking news...  He was such a kind and supportive friend to all here.  My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

With sympathy,


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I am shocked. He seemed to be doing okay. My condolences to his family and friends. He was such a wonderful person and positive light!



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He will be missed.   Prayers for the family.


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Argh. Another one. He was great on this board - I always liked what he had to say.

my thoughts go out to his family. 


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How sorry I am to hear this news.  He put up a great fight, over and over again.

God bless him, I shall surely miss him. 

My hearfelt sympaties to his family. 

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, my heart aches hearing this news.  What a wonderful man.  My condolences and prayers to his family who he loved so very much. 

Joe was such a thoughtful presence on this forum.  He helped a lot of us. 

So sad. So very sorry.






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He was a wonderful person and kind to all on this board.  He will be missed.  My sympathy to his family.


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I am so sad to read this.  he was a good guy.  Such a positive guy who cared so much for his family.

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Joe was one of those people who never "met people", he always "met friends".  His smile was one which made you want to smile right back....even if only seen in a picture.

He got in a last trip to FL in April.  While the photos shared on FB showed a man too thin, there was that smile.

He also got to attend the dedication of a "tile wall" at the hospital where he received treatments...in his honor, his family and friends made tiles which will now be a permanent reminder of this man who shared so much with so many.

Sincerest condolances to his family and all who loved him.

Marie who loves kitties

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Prayers for him and his family. :-(

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Joe represents the warrior I would like to be.  

Rest in peace Joe.  

My heart reaches out to the family.  

Peace to the family and all who were touched by him.


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I am standing on the seashore

A ship appears

and spreads her white sails

to the morning breeze.

and starts fo the ocean

she is an object of beauty

and I stand watching her

till at last she fades away on the horizon

and someone at my side quietly says,

"She is gone." Gone where?

Gone from my vision, that is all

She is just as large as when I saw her last


The dimished size

and total loss of sight

is in me, not in her

and just at the moment

when someone at my side says,

"She is gone,"

There are others who are watching

her coming and other voices

take up a joyful shout

"There she comes."


Poet Unknown- For Joemetz-

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What a sad sad news

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I've followed Joe's posts and blog since my dad's diagnoses with stage 4 cc in oct 2012.  Joe was always so positive and though i didnt know him seemed like such a nice, gentle man.  Very upset to hear this.  Thoughts and prayers to his family.  Damn you cancer.

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Joe seemed like such a special man.  He helped so many here at CSN.  He will be missed.  My heart breaks for his wife and kids.

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Joe was such a kind man. He shared his story with me. His story is actually similar to my brother's. He survived Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, but the treatment for NHL, in all likelihood, caused the colon cancer. From what he told me, he was married with 4 children and was living his life to the fullest. I really hope he was happy and enjoyed every moment. God bless you, Joe! May you RIP!


PS he was the same age as my brother, only 50 years old. :(

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I am shocked ! 

He he seemed to be fighting it and I thought he could for a long ling time !

what happened so suddenly ?

i am really sad hearing this news !

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I am sad and heart-broken that another lovely soul has been taken.

My condolances to his family. 

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I just looked at his Caringbridge and saw that he posted only a couple of weeks ago, and seemed ok.  Things can happen so fast in this journey, it's really shocking.

He was a bright light, and will be missed.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. So very sorry.

Linda and Miss Ellie

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I will treasure him in my thoughts and prayers to his family.  He founght the fight.  I'll miss you Joe.


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Joe was a shining light on the forum, and he will be heart felt missed.  Joe always had a word of encouraggement, and a positive attitude towards life.

RIP Joe, you will be miissed.


Our prayers and thoughts to his family.

Best Always, mike

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Oh no..... Heartbreaking 

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...that no matter how bad things get, you don't lose your positive outlook, you take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

He was such a positive phenomenon on this forum. I wish is family to go without his presence and live a great life in his honor. I am certainly inspired by him.


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I am shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of another wonderful person.

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We have lost a great one.  But he is in a better place,with no pain, only happiness.

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My wife has kept me posted on his progress through fb.  We were saddened to hear of this news.  Our thoughts join the community during this time and we offer our condolences. 

Joe fought it with everything he had.  He will be missed.


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oh my goodness....what a shocker this is.....what a wonderful dear positive energetic caring sharing man Joe was

heartfelt condolences to family and friends.....


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Joe was an amazing man with such a positive and hopeful outlook. I am so, so sad that he is gone. I know all of you are. I will miss his presence in the world.


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This one through me so far for a loop I think I'm going to have to stay off the boards for a while  I thought he was doung well. What the heck? God bless Joe Metz for all of his care and compassion in helping others. He will be terribly missed.

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Oh I am so heartbroken reading this sad news about Joe.  I am terribly sad for his family.  Joe was a wonderful man with a beautiful spirit.  He lived fully. Winter Marie I appreciate you passing this information on to us even though it is another tragedy.

Saying prayers for his dear family. 



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I am deeply saddened by the passing of Joe. My heart goes out to his family.


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Great Guy ,great friend!

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Does anyone have a copy of an obituary they can email me?

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Thank you so much for posting this link. It brings him just a little closer. 

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