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Expanders out, implant in - Hands and joints very painful

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Just had surgery on Friday the 2nd.  Thought this would be easier. I am so sore under my arms I can bearly move them.  Anyone else have this problem after expander removal and implants inserted.

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And I had some pain, but it seemed like nothing compared to both mastectomies. I wasn't even on pain meds. I do have some restricted flexibility and do some exercises to improve it. How are you satisfied with implants? I am still not getting used to them, it feels to me like I have two balls attached to me, LOL. I hope I will get used to them and feel them as part of my body some day.

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Still more pain than mastectomies, but feeling better today.  Had mastectomies late Sept, so it's possible memory of discomfort has blurred.  Also had hand surgery 3 wks ago so thats not helping. 

It does feel good to have 2 bumps in front (one was aiming fot my armpit) that are soft rather than rock hard.  He also removed a lot of extra tissue left for the expandtion.  It is going to take  some getting used to, but they do look like nice shaped Barbie boobs.  Looking forward to the um..... embellishments.



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Yes, you will have discomfort while healing.  In my case -- nothing like my mastectomy - OUCH.  In a few weeks, or months you will feel better and look better as you enjoy your new breasts.

Did your PS give you any exercise program to follow at this time?

Good luck, and rest up. 

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam


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He gave me a list of don'ts.  He knows I like to push the envelope.  I go back for my first post op exam on 5/15.

I had my hand surgery 3 weeks prior to this surgery. Carpal tunnel, trigger thumb, a release of a tendon below my wrist and removal of a bone at the base of my thumb due to arthritis.   There is an 8-12 week recovery on my hand so I thought it would be a good idea to recover from both surgeries at once.  Once my right hand heals they will do the left.

The arthritis and joint pains seemed to increase rapidly after chemo and BMX and after starting Arimidex.  Anyone else have these issues?


PS  Now that I am temporarily left handed, I have great respect for "lefties".  Bless you all.


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My osteoarthritis tripled (or worse) on the pain scale after being on Arimidex.  I've also had to have surgery on my hand due to the arthritis & damage resulting from it, since my mastectomies.  Basal thumb joint just sort of disintegrated, ruptured the tendon in that forearm, damaged thumb joint on same thumb, upper joint.  So the surgeon made me a new basal thumb joint out of my tendon, repaired the tendon & repaired the other joint in my thumb.  The most painful surgery I have ever endured!  This was roughly one year after my BC bi-lateral mastectomies & reconstruction.  Luckily it was my left hand and I am right-handed.

Now I'm just waiting on the other basal thumb joint to do the same in my right hand.  I just pray I'll be waiting forever on that one!



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NO advice-just want to say thinking of you



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