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Vectibix Question

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I am going on vacation with my family to Mexico. I have had 5 rounds of FOLFIRI w/ Vectibix which I am doing very well on (CEA is down from 151 to 5.22.. Yay!). We paid for our trip 2 days before Dr switched my drugs so I am going but I am extremely nervous about it. I have read as much as I can about how to take care of myself while there. My Dr isn't much help. She just told me to use lots of sunscreen.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated.



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What are the concerns you have about your trip: Diarhea, sun exposure,nausea?

i went to the dominican republic shortly after my Folfox and the only thing my oncologist suggested is to cover myself as much as I can against the sun and take some Z-Pack with me if I should catch some bugs.

Have fun on your trip.


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Thanks for answering. I wish I had seen this before I left. 

We just got back and it was wonderful to escape as much as we could from the last 2 years of all this craziness. 

My concern was with the Vectibix. The rash and sun sensitivity can be pretty bad. Even running regular errands I developed a painful burn and rash across my neck and chest. That's why I was so nervous about going.  I was getting really anxious about it because I had been told that I shouldn't go, to postpone till after this round of treatment by everyone but my doctor who said to go but just use sunscreen. 

Well, I did burn but not too severely. The sun-rash was pretty painful though.  That aside, it was worth the trip.


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