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Needing answers to my sister's cancer and surgery

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In December my sister was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that had moved to her liver.  She did 3 months of chemo to shrink the tumors. The doctor said on a scale of 1-10 she had done so well hers was like a 12 and her tumors had shrunk enough to have surgery.  She had 3 spots on her liver and they were hoping to do both the colon and liver surgery at one time.  When they got in there one of the tumors had several satelite tumors around the large tumor that they couldn't see on scans so they were only able to do that one and the smaller tumors around it and the one in her colon.  Since they had to take more of her liver than they thought they will have to go back later to do the other surgery to get the other 2 tumors out.  She went back to the doctor last Tues and her labs looked good but her billirubin was higher than it was in hospital, but doctors didn't seem concern said it may take months to get back to normal.  She has not been able to eat much at all and very nausea.  She has been running a low grade temp in the afternoon.  Doctors doesn't seem real concern unless it gets up to 102 then they say to bring her to ER.  Has anyone had this surgery?  Is this nausea normal?  If so how long will it take her to feeling back normal?  They are wanting to do about 3 more months of chemo then do the other surgery to remove the other tumors.

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I am sorry that you have to join us, sorry that your sister has the Cancer. 

By the plain fact that you are here on her behalf, shows there is much love, and love, oh, how I believe that plays an important part in recovery. 

My situation was a little different than your sisters, so I can't answer your question, but there are many here who have had liver resetions, that can help. Its been awful quiet on the forum this weekend, so it may take a day or two for people to answer. 

I just had a liver ablation 10 days ago. not as invasive as a resection, though I am still in recovery mode. I presume your sister's Doctor/surgeon prescribed some anit-nausea medication? I was given Zofran after my ablation, but I had no nausea so I'll keep it for another day. 

I'd definitely be watching the fever. I have read that it is common to run a moderate fever, so having your Doctor's give you a limit (102) is good. Make sure she keeps well hydrated. Lots of water I would say. 

Its terribly disappointing to go into surgery hoping that they will get everything, and come out only to be told that more surgery will have to be done. Many of us have experinced that, so she is not alone. 

Make sure she takes things one step, one day at a time, that really helps. Its hard when you look ahead at all that is to be faced, it can be terribly daunting. Face what you (she) are facing at this time, and don't be worrying about what comes next as it will come quick enough. Being positive is a huge help in beating this thing. 

Be sure to visit here often, you'll not find a better set of people who have the experience and information you need. Of course, the Doctor's are still the ones that need to clear everything, so I hope your sis has a great working relationship with them.



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