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I am now a ten year and seven-time lung cancer survivor. I know how lucky to be beating the odds and decided to celebrate my decade of survival by producing a new documentary called "Richard's Rays of Hope" about my journey, and that of my family and loved ones, to create greater awareness and hope for people impacted by lung cancer. “Richard's Rays of Hope” shares my journey and does so in a unique way - my actual chest X-Rays were given to ten family members to use as "canvases" to turn them into brightly colored and joyful artwork. Their process, memories and insights form the emotional core of this powerful video. The finished artwork transforms these discomforting and frightful images into wonderful "rays of hope" for all cancer patients and their caretakers. My hopeful message is lung cancer might not be curable (yet) but it is treatable and wonderfully livable thanks to significant advances in cancer treatments.

Please view and share the trailer for our documentary on You tube-

The finished documentary will be uploaded soon.

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Please share your stories of hope, love and inspiration about someone who was touched by lung cancer. Please post stories, letters, poems, photos, and/or videos of loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues or community members so we can give hope to others impacted by this disease. Let’s turn a negative into a positive and teach the world hope comes from the outside too.


Thank you, Richard


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    Awesome to hear of such a long survival story...

    Congratulations on a strong mind to fight this horrible thing inside us. Your story and mine are somewhat familiar, only I didn't get a diognosis, I nearly died getting ready for work one morning, that was my diagnosis lol. Two years ago tomorrow infact, on Cinco Da Mayo. I offer my story if you're interested in reading it. I hope to be, and PLAN to be in your shoes ten years from now. I was 44 as well with a family. So I can say without a doubt, I can relate and know how you felt, and I pray for a continued long lasting and happy and joyful life with you family. Peace and happyness my friend.