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recurance or new?

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Hi, My BFF has just been diagnosed with NHL for the 2nd time. The first time was in 2000. She went through the chemo and surgeries and at this point we "assumed" she had beaten it. A few weeks ago she developed a small lump on her chest and didn't like the looks of it so she had it removed. The biopsy revealed large cell nhl. Her oncologist is conferring with some of her colleagues to try and decide if they should consider this a recurrance or a new development. It's been almost 15 years so the Doctor wants the info to help judge treatment. In the meantime she starts RICE chemo on Monday. The Dr feels she should handle the treatment well but we want to know if anyone out there has gone through this and what the outcome was.

I can tell you for a fact that the difference in diagnosis and starting treatment between then and now is amazing. First time symptoms started in February and nothing was done until August. It ended up in her femur bone and lungs. This time it's showing SubQ. All little areas just under the skin. Still don't know prognoses but always optimistic since it was caught so early.

Look forward to hearing any experiences.


Prayers to everyone out there.


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Welcome to the group.  I don't have this experience so I can't respond to your question.  Lots of caring and supportive folks here!

Hopefully someone with similar experience will chime in soon.  I wish the best for your friend and hope her treatments go smoothly.

Thanks for the prayers,


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NHL is a broad category...what else do you know about the new Dx?

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