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Day -7 through Day 0

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Joined: Jul 2013

Howdy!  I'm keeping this short but obviously my stem cell transplant has started.  Day -7 through Day -2 was filled with high dose chemo.  I am told I experienced worse than most because I'm coming right in from another chemo.  Lucky me.  Most of the issues were just diarrehea and overwhelming fatigue.  Day -1 was 'flush day'.  Lots of liquid and they started me on the drugs to suppress my innune system.

Today...is Day 0.  My new birthday.  I have spend most of the day in a Benadryl stupor.  But...my brother's stem cells are inside me.  Now it's just a matter of taking one day at a time!

My plan is to live forever!  So far; so good!


anliperez915's picture
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Joined: Sep 2011

Karl hopefully you will finally be cured of this damn disease! I will be praying for you that everyhting runs according to plan! Take care of yourself and rest rest rest!!! Don't worry about nothing but getting better!

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Joined: Apr 2014

Sounds like you have a good attitude. Prayers coming your way!! Jeff

Rocquie's picture
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Joined: Mar 2013

Very exciting news, Karl! Your brother's long awaited, healthy cells are actually inside you now.  I am so happy to hear this. Rest and relax while your body gets used to its new cells. So you can go on living forever.

Blessing to you and your family,




illead's picture
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Joined: Aug 2012

I don't know if the worse is over (as far as side effects etc.) but hopefully the anxiety part is better and you can all relax a bit.  Now just a matter of time and the long wait.  Thank you so much for taking your precious energy to think of us.  We're all cheerleading for you and hoping for the best.  Our thoughts are always with you and your family.



allmost60's picture
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Joined: Jul 2010

Hi Karl,

I'm so happy this is finally done! Now you need to rest and stay as healthy as you can. I will keep you in my daily prayers that it's all "good" from here on. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care...Sue

Max Former Hodg...
Posts: 3705
Joined: May 2012

"Day Zero": Sounds a little like something from NASA or the Twilight Zone.  Most folks get only one birthday !

Benadryl Stupor: been there and done that. Better than anything Pabst Blue Ribbon can create, but more expensive when given clinically in an I.V.

May Day Zero be followed by many thousands of cancer-free days. You have earned those days like few others every do.

Hoping your plan is a total success !




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I'm glad the ball is rolling on this for you.  As always, your attitude amazes me.  Can't add much to what others have said but hang in there and thinking of you and sending strong positive thoughts for a trouble free and speedy recovery from this.

Hugs to you and yours,


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Joined: Apr 2013

Go Karl, Go!

I couldn't be any happier reading this :)

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