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Would I get tos'd if

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I ask for prayer for my family. Going through things, everyone losing jobs, divorces, mom's scan coming up, and dad losing memory.  Sitting here crying a lot lately. Crying in the car at work in the bathroom in church, etc. Shaking all the time, can't eat, can't sleep, can't drink water. 

Just need some love from my other family. In the "God why us" stage and tired of people telling me "it will all turn out okay" Cancer stole both of my parents strength and memory. I will never get them back the way they were.


love ktz 

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Whether said aloud, written or silently in our minds, prayers, good vibes, well wishes are always available.

Each of us has our own boat load of issues which weigh heavily on us, some days more than others. 

Other than the things we can directly take responsibility for ( being a thief, killing someone, being a liar...that kinda thing), the events of life are not a punishment.  As dear friend Buzz used to say...It is what it is.

Empathy for others, be they family or friends, is a good thing unless we let it drag us down.  After all, there is little on the list you gave that you can fix.

We must concentrate on what we have and what we can in fact fix. 

Doing things like giving hugs, telling folks you love them, holding their hand will give others something invaluable...you.

Tears and fears are a part of life...sometimes they come in more quantity than we think we can bare. Yet if we are able to see the sun rise tomorrow and put our feet on the floor, we have made it another day.

If you find that you remain overwhelmed, perhaps you could find a counselor close by.  Sometimes, unburdening ourselves to another helps to ease the strain.

Wishing you love and peace of mind and heart,

Marie who loves kitties


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Oh dear Ketz...I wish I could be there with you, I'd give you a hug and a soft shoulder to cry on for as long as you needed it.  How I wish I could ease your mind and your burdens.  :'(.  I too am thankful for our little cyber family.  Nobody else really understands us like we do here.  But it sounds like you might need to ask your GP for an anti-anxiety drug at this point. I was on them for a couple of years, and they made a really big difference.

Hugs (()) my friend,


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Please take care of yourself. I've been pretty much putting my own life on hold for my brother and dad, now I have bronchitis and blood work showed other issues. I've been sick for 3 weeks because my immune system has gotten really weak. So, please, take care of you so you can be there for your family.

I know it's hard! We all feel why us??? Why our family? We just have to keep on going!



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You will end up sick and not able to take care of your parents, if you don't take care of yourself. 

Some great advice above, that I hope you consider. 

We're here of course, but sometimes you just need that little bit of extra help. 

Good luck!

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Sending you love, prayers, light and aloha.  It is so frick'n hard.  I know it is and I know that "Why us?"  cry.  I don't know the why, and I don't really think there is a why.  I just know what is and at times I cry and get on with it.   Pleae take care of yourself.  If talking to a counselor helps are getting some medication or some time alone.  Do what you need to do to care for you.  Then, you can continue on.




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Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.  Prayers on the way.  I've asked for prayers before and I'm still here.  Sometimes we need that extra strength that we can get from other people, even people we've never met.  Always come here to draw strength. 


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I won't say that it will be okay. I do believe that God will never put you in a place where he won't be right there with you. You aren't alone and I will pray for you with all my might. You have so much going on that you are completely overwhelmed. Sometimes you have to think about your circle of control. So many things are outside of that circle and can overwhelm us.

When I was really really sick, away from kids for months, surgery after surgery; my mom and I sewed a little blanket in the hospital. It was all different shades of blue and white. I called it my "Blues Blanket." If I needed to just cry, I would curl up in a little ball underneath it, cry it out...have the blues...then I would poke my head out, and say, "I'm out of tears." Do let your anguish out..just make sure you poke your head out again. Please try to eat something.

Lots of Love, Prayers, and Comfort


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life can be so dang hard some times.  The sad reality is that things don't always turn out ok.  And allowing yourself to fully mourn that loss is an important part of the process, I think.  I also wonder if you have sought out any help for these feelings you're having.  I'm a big proponent of both therapy and meds, when needed.  Anti-anxiety medications are a basic tool for many cancer patients, as are anti-depressants, and I feel that this journey is just as hard on the caregivers, maybe even harder.

So please take care of yourself!  And if you want to just chat, or would like more info about therapy (I've become something of an expert over the years, unfortunately, with all 3 of my kids in therapy at different times), pls feel free to pm me.

Hang in there, girl.


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If you got tossed for that I'd be jumping ship.  Cry away! But please do drink and eat. You need to take care of your body, you only get one. Prayers that you will find some relaxation soon. Also if you are okay with drugs. There are very mild low dose anti anxieties that will stop the shaking and help you sleep.

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