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Repost for txgrl

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My dad had kidney removed in 1990 and it came back 23 years later. Multiple lesions in the spine, mass in the right surgery bed. It's hard to see my dad so weak. Dr diagnosed him having sciatica for the last three months. When they finally decided to run a CT scan they found it. Oncologist told my dad to go to hospice. I am not giving up that easy. He still has lots of life in him. The pathology report they could not determine the type of cancer. They assumed it was RCC since he had it before.

I'm reposting this for txgrl. I think she needs a little assistance to start things in the right place.
  Txgrl, there is so much more we need to know from you. Tell us about your dads history. How long has he been having pain? Is he being followed by the proper oncologist? Orthopedist? PC? What treatments has he had? Are you in a location near a major city or cancer center? How old is the pathology report? Has he had a biopsy? How old is he?  How can they assume what type of cancer it is?  I'm not sure anyone can give you much assistance based on the little infomation you've given us. Tell us more.
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My dad pain started in Jan.2014. We live close to Dallas. Pathology report was less than a week ago. They said they could not determine for sure what kind of cancer. They assume it is RCC because he had it 24 years ago. It started in the right surgery bed and he has multiple lesions everywhere. He has had 2 MRI and 3 CT scans in the last month. My dad is 67. He was working until Jan 2014 and it hit him all at once. He does have a oncologist and the one that does radiation said he should just go to hospice. Then he has a oncologist that gives pills. We will see what he says this Friday.

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TXgrl... still not enough info, please..  If you are correct that these are RCC mets, your Dad needs an RCC based Oncologist..  Not sure what you mean when you say an Onc that "just gives pills."  There are some great drugs that are in pill form..!  And there are clinical trials, etc.  At 67 we hope there is a lot more time left... but he needs to get a proper diagnosis and proper treatment..  We sometimes find people that are seeing the wrong doctor and once they get to the correct doctor the outcome is a lot more positive.


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Txsgirl.  If possible, please get a hold of his path report. If you can share it with us we can direct you. There are alot of treatments out there now along with trials with drugs that are working, even for the most severe cases.  If you share the path with us we can direct you. Also, what hospital/doctor is he seeing? What area are you in?  Also, you can post questions on www.smartpatients.com, join the group there, they know who to see, what meds work etc.  Don't let your dad give up, others were told there was no hope, and today they are doing great!  Waiting to hear from you.  Praying for you all!

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