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Carbo-Taxol to Gemzar trivial issue ?

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HI! To all the warriors on this board I wish you all the best. As a caregiver for my loving life partner with advanced disease I need a ladies advice on best way for me to shave her legs. Razor, electric, cream, if electric razor a name brand would be nice info. Once she switched to Gemzar hair is coming out and her self esteem is an important part of feeling good despite circumstances. With neuropathy in hands and feet I will have to make her day, I passed the manicure and pedicure test, so this is my next challenge. I know this is trivial compared to all the challenges you all face ahead, but an answer would help me a whole bunch. Her concerns are 1. cream and chemo reaction. 2.possible nicks and low platelets. 

Thanks !


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Dear Sout-Mate:

I am not sure if I can answer your question but wanted to respond.   Is it my understanding that your partner had Carbo-Taxol and is now on Gemzar?    Originally, I started with Carbo-Taxol and had a reaction to Taxol so they switched me to Gemzar.   However, with the Gemzar I did not lose my hair.   On the other hand though, my hair on my legs have greatly reduced and over the years I barely have to shave them.

Everyone reacts differently and it also depends on how it is administered on whether someone will have a reaction or not.    As with any treatment, you will need to watch the platelets and take care of any bleeding problems if they arise.

I wish the best to you and your partner and I hope that her neuropathy eases soon.

Sorry I could not be of help.


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I have neuropathy in feet after treatment.  Was told by specialist never to use a razor on the legs as a nick/cut could cause infection.   Electric always.  Brand?  I don't live in USA but Remington works for me and is inexpensive.

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