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Radiation side effects

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I am having leg aches after finishing partial breast radiation treatments yesterday.  Treatments were for 5 straight days, twice a day.  They warned me about fatigue, weakness, skin problems.  No one said anything about aching legs.  What could this be?  Am I in danger with this symptom?  It's Saturday, so I can't reach anyone at the doctor's office.

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I have no idea about that, really.  Aching was more a noticeable thing when I was doing chemo.  After that, it disappeared.

Maybe there are others who could help you out with this puzzle.

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I had once a day radiation for six weeks not until after I had terrible charlie horses AT NIGHT..I started taking Magnsieum (SP?)




I am not sure from tamoxifen-since I had NO SIDE effects at all from radition-just slight square tan on chest. But either way the Magnesium helped.

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Donna Jane
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Hi! I'm seeking advice on getting radiation or not! I completed 6 rounds of TCH chemo and had great results! My tumor (1.7 cm) shrunk MORE than 1/2 it's size. I can't even feel it now! I'm having a lumpectomy in a month. If my margins are clear, cancer has not spread to my lyphnodes, I take Herceptin treatment for a year and the breast cancer pill for 5-10 years.... What am I radiating? Healthy tissue? I have fear about radiation close to my heart and other organs. I'm interested on what others think. Thanks for any advice. 


Donna Jane

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Donna Jane, my personal opinion is that, if they are recommending radiation, I would do it.  Cancer is sooo damn sneaky!!!  Don't take a chance.

My younger sister had Stage 1 IDC and felt like radiation was overkill.  She chose not to do it, although she did complete chemo, hormone therapy and had bilateral mastectomies (stronf family history).  She did had a local recurrence 6 years out and then had to have radiation anyway and is now on hormone therapy until it stops working (femara).  She has been about 10 years since that recurrence. Smile

I never had a choice as I was 33, Stage 3 and felt I needed to do everything recommended: chemo, mastectomy (because tumor was too large for a lumpectomy), radiation, hormone therapy.  Fortunately, I then had an 18 year remission.  I am back to fighting the beast again, but I feel like I am here to tell everyone to stick with treatments, because I did and I am still here 27 years later!!!!! 

Good luck with whatever you decide!!!  We are all so different.  Big cyber hugs and keep kicking cancer butt!!!

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Your Success gives me so much Hope!! 

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I have not heard of leg aches from radiation before?  Could this be from something else?  I often think something is from cancer or my treatments and it turns out it is something else.  Speak with your docs and see if they can figure it out!  Cyber hugs and hope you feel better soon!!!

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