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Sorry, no nightie pix...

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For those of you who read Gothic Romance Novels, I'm sure one could rightfully call the a paper gown book a real bodice ripper.  Was that the kind with the built in warm air flow and vents?

Just got finished with the Onc. this afternoon.  No news is good news in this case.  It's been 8 years since the first Dx; and 6 years since the most recent recurrence.  Dr. Cook will stretch my next appointment until 4 months and if that's OK, we'll move to 6 months.

Take that in the A$$ Stage IV, Clear Cell RCC.

Now if I just had the time to enjoy the news.  Tomorrow we have company arriving to help celebrate my Mother-in-laws 98th birthday. All in all, things are great.  So hang in there everyone...I was once told I'd be lucky to be around for Christmas 2006.  I'm not a gambler, but beat the odds.



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Great news, Donna. I'm so happy for you!


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Can you feel me smile? Love ya. Fox.

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That is the best news!!!  So happy for you ! Enjoy your company!!  And Congrats to Mother-in-law !





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Laughing YAAAYYY!!!!!

Glad to learn of your progress !!!

Your attitude ROCKS!!

Warmly, Jan

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Hi Donna, That's fantastic news, congratulations! I hope to follow in your shoes! So there will be plenty to celebrate when your mother-in-law arrives, 98yrs, what a fantastic age! Hope you have a great celebration together:)


Djinnie x

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     What fantastic news! So happy for you! And congratulations to your "98" year old mother in law! Celebrations all around for your family!

                                                     Love and prayers of good health!


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You go girl!  

You've got time to enjoy the news.  Your company won't be here forever but you might well be, given your track record.  So, you'll have to treat yourself to a celebratory dinner after the birthday festivities are over and company has gone home.  You deserve it!!

Wishing you many more beautiful scans!! 




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thanks for sharing, I am not a gambler either, but in this game, you've got to play cards.

Keep kicking that cancer's A$$!

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Donna, no nightie pics needed...  your smile tells a great story in itself..!


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