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Curious !!!! What is happening with my psa ?

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Last 4 psa results at 3 months apart using ultrasensitive psa test were 0.030 , 0.040 , 0.033 , 0.038 and the latest 0.044 !!!!!! Is this normal when using the ultrasensitvie psa test ? Should i be worried about this ? ( surgery aug . 2012 ) At what psa level should i consider salvage radiation ?

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These tiny variations in results may be a cause of assays tolerances. It could also be due to your biorhythm in the day you drawn blood. You have no prostate in place but the urethra also produces a tiny portion of the serum which may cause small differences. The last result seems to be significative but it is still very low to indicate recurrence. The AUS considers a level of 0.2 ng/ml as the threshold to declare recurrence, in any case, constant increases is used by the majority as a means of cancer progression in prostatectomies.

I would recommend you to continue with the 3-month tests and be concerned if these continue to increase.

Best wishes


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Is there any advantage to early intervention with salvage radiation since my psa is so low vs. waiting on the 0.2 threshold ?

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