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I am new to this forum and am hoping to meet people with circumstances similar to mine.  Reading many of the older posts on this site has been educational and helpful to me.   I find that a number of posts in this forum are in response to older entries and am hoping to drive some new conversation.   I am a 56 year old male, living a full and active life.  I work full-time and am balancing life with chemotherapy treatment and preparation for suregery.

I have Stage IV intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, (bile duct cancer).  (The cancer spread from my liver to one lymph node.)  I was diagnosed with this cancer in October, 2013 after two years of monitoring a mis-diagnosed "bening" tumor.  I began chemotherapy 2 weeks after the proper diagnosis was received.

I have undergone 11 cycles of aggressive chemotherapy.  I was able to work remotely on days that I receive treatment. I am very fortunate to have had very good success with the treatments and have tolerated the drugs well.  Overall, I have had minimal negative side effects.   Chemo has currently been  suspended in preparation for surgery (right lobe liver resecetion) on May 7. 

I have full confidence in my surgeon and am well supported by the medical team that oversees my care, I have never had major surgery, and have some manageable anxiety about the uknown.  But I stress most regarding the suspension of chemo for 8-10 weeks.  Because of the positve impact of the treatment, i feel that it has stopped the progrsss of cancer and bought me time. And while i fully understand the need to suspend chemo before and after surgery, the thought of allowing my body to "return to normal" is frightening. 

Wondering if anyone has been through similar circumstances to mine or has had similary concerns.

Thanks.  Mike

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