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Close to 12 years ago-the whole story

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It was a Sunday morning in early May 2012.

I went to Home Depot for some stones for a walkway to the garage door. I remember going to the john and than yelling at my wife for putting some sort of cough syrup or candy in the toilet which made it red. Then I remembered she apparently did that a few weeks before when the toilet had tured red before.. Next time I watched and discovered that the red in the toilet was coming from me. If that does not scare the s--t out of you I do not know what does.

A call to my sympathetic GP gave me his answer. I simply broke a blood vessal during an athletic sexual encounter the night before. I did not want to disappoint him or myself, but that was not the case. 

To the GP the next day for some tests and the Urologist the day after. The Urologist  (one of the top dogs in a large practice) sent me for a CT scan a week or 2 later. A couple bottles of some kind of barium to drink for the test. As a Joke I asked the nurse if I could have an extra bottle. They thought I was crazy. Maybe I was. I asked the nirse at the CT scan if everything was ok and she said I have to ask the doctor and I thought nothng further of it.  I went to Baltimore for the Memorial day holiday. When I got back a  call from the Urologist office came in where they wanted to schedule an appointment and somewhere in the conversation the word Cancer was blurted out. I held it together pretty well but my wife went bonkers. I was not quite 59 and fairly healthy. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would ever get Cancer and who ever heard of Kidney Cancer.

Well the Urologist I originally saw ( top dog) brought in his new associate who had just completed a fellowship at Baylor where he had done some 125 Laproscopic Kidney surgeries. The top dog had not done any.

Then came the scheduling of my surgery which I think had to have been scheduled around various golf games and the availability of the top dog to be there. As it turned out the top dog never showed up for my August 1, 2012 surgery. During the wait in the first or second week of July my wife took me to a B and B on the Canadian side of Lake Huron to relax. She thought it would be nice to go to this highly recommended British Pub in town where they brought out all of the choices on a cart before ordering. I was not amused by the Kidney Pie.

By the time the surgery came around I was in a blur and after the surgery I learned what pain was. Then things got better. Day by day. Week by week until about 6 weels later when I felt good enough to fly to Seattle to see most of my family and go on a major trail and show off and laugh about my beauty marks.  I wanted to get my story out there before partheimers sets in and I can no longer remember it. And this is the set of experiences that I went thru to join this wonderful group and which nobody in their right mind would join on ther own.


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My story started im May 2002 not 2012 and my surgery was on August 1, 2002 not August 1, 2012.

I also forgot about that fun cystoscopy (or something like that) 2 days before my surgery. I was almost more scared of that than the neph.



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that you were a gymnast. Or is it pole vaulter?

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Good one Iceman... I will have to remember that one.  I think sooner, or later the sequence of events for something so life changing has to be recorded.  The details put in  to make it "real" again.  Then you can let your brain file it in the way past events, and  save room for the new information... like a computer, we only have room for some much gigabites of Ram.. before something gets "lost".

Does this diagnosis of RCC get mental attention every day of our lives?  Is the acknowledgement part of beating the disease, like every day that goes by is another talley mark... and pretty soon... there are more tally marks than disease?

I love the old boxers.. Mohammed Ali, Joe Frazer, George Foreman, Archie Moore, they used to spend weeks of training everyday for their big events.  Some rounds they lost, most they won... and came out the CHAMP.  That's gonna be me... I will train my sculpted body into a lean mean fighting machine... maybe in 14 years like you!!




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Fox, didn't you read his story? The doctor said it straight out, he is a Golfer!  ;)  LOL


Iceman, thank you so much for sharing your story.  Glad that was the end of that story too!  Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up one day and find out that cancer is not something we need to constantly fear? I am looking for to that day!  keep up the good work of encouraging everyone around here! This is a wonderful group! All of you cancer survivors are tough cookies and very, very inspiring!  XX

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I had to laugh, Iceman, at your reference to alzheimers or as you put it, partheimers.  Sounds like you may already be exhibiting some signs.  Good thing you got your story out there when you did, huh?!

Seriously tho, thanks for sharing.  You and I share the same anniversary month, just different years.  Too bad you don't have a paper gown pic to post.  Who cares if you're 70ish? 


And fox, your quick-witt is always making me laugh out loud.  I often find myself wondering, What Does The Fox Say.  I'm sure that catchy little tune was written for you! 

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Way to go, Iceman! Time to celebrate with a drink?? This time I will supply the ice, friend.

Hugs and smiles


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