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Got Biopsy results - good news

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Finally got a call from the PA with regard to my CT core biopsy which I had done on Tuesday.   I called her earlier on Friday and she called me back at 5 p.m. that late afternoon to tell me that no malignant cells were found.   Yeah!    I didn't hear much after that, only that I will have to meet with my gyne/onc to see if about the possibility of taking out the mass.  The PA indicated something about it being connective tissue?    Not sure about what that is.  But for now, I am just celebrating with that news.

Just wanted to let everyone know.   Thank you all for all of your support.   I didn't realize how much it was on my mind.


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Can never get enough good news like this.  Have some chocolate Easter bunny to celebrate

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 Great News!  Congrats and have a Happy Easter!


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Congratulations on the news may it continue to be good new. Trish

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WONDERFUL! So happy for uou and your family.

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Wonderful news Kathy!!!!!!   I'm smiling from ear to ear!!!!!

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Fantastic news!!!

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Something to Celebrate.  Hope your gyn/ono gives you news you are satisfied with.  Hope you had a Happy Easter.

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The best news ever. So, now to get on with life. Love, Ya



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Double Whammy
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Great news, Kathy.  You had something very wonderful to celebrate this Easter.  So happy for you.  Your symptoms are still your symptoms, but so good to know that they were caused by a non-malignant mass!  Let us know how your follow-up goes.


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Wonderful news - so pleased to hear that this is a non malignant mass.  Of course, you still need to deal with the symptoms, but somehow so much better to know that it's not sinister.

Kindest wishes

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So Happy For You!   Always makes me feel better & more hopeful when Good news is shared.


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Thank you everyone for all the well wishes!    Feelin happy!

{{{Hugging everone}}}


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What a great feeling - HAPPY!!!  ENJOY it and may it continue.

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Great news, Kathy!   I wish you many years of the same.


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Thank you, Cathy!

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