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6 month scans good but blood work out of wakk

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got the good news on the 6 month scan but creatinine levls high in blood work,around the 200 level must go to neprologist to get things under control.dont want the levels in those 400to500 levels ,thats when the dialisis starts . Heard that your blood counts can get out of control a little with just 1 kidney now.But at least still dancing with ned.Glad to hear others are getting good results!!!!

Thanks for all the support


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I too see a Nephrologist for my other than perfect Kidney numbers. Having 1 kidney and getting older increases the risk of Kidney failure. However my Nephrologist points out that it has a much greater efffect on heart and stroke issues. The point is that we survivors must not only be vigilent about Cancer rearing its ugly head again, but maintaining a healthy Kidney life style as well. And part of that healthy life style is to more aggresily monitor any high blood pressure that you may have or had as high blood pressyre is one of the major negative factors in Kidney disease.




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Hi Brian... I think you may be a tad confused on your numbers.. Creatinine levels run from about 0.6 and up.  Normal is below 1.2, depending on the doctor, etc.  Higher than 1.4 is usually considered too high to use the contrast for scans (again some doctors use a slightly different number).  So unless you got a multiplyer in there.. well, if so sorry..


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I usually see Creatine measured as stated above by Ron. However with a little googling there were other measurements as well.



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My blood tests took a hit after my last contrast scan. Not terrible but my creatine went from 1.20 to 1.37 and my GFR dropped to 55.  Now the urologist and omcologist are discussing what the protcol should be for my scan in June.  I agree with the Iceman.  Although I am at high risk of reoccrurence ( T3a grade 3), I also have mild diabetes and controlled hypertension.  It would annoy me to have worried so much about kidney cancer and end up dying of kidney failure.

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