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5 Years Out from DaVinci

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Joined: Sep 2010

Tomorrow marks my fifth year since DaVinci surgery for PCa. 

PSA remains undetectable. All is well ... I'm fortunate.

Good luck and best wishes to anyone starting down the PCa path, and to those who continue their fight against the beast.

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Good news from good outcomes are always the joyful part in being a member in this forum.



hopeful and opt...
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I hope that this will be the first five of at least fifty years where all is well.

Wishing the best 

Posts: 261
Joined: Sep 2010

Thanks guys! 

And, thank you for all of the good work (advice) you do helping folks on this forum. In the time I have been here, you (and a couple of other folks) have sure aided many.

All the best to you during this Pasover/Easter season.

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Well, it is coming up on 5 years and my urologist has moved on to work for the FDA!

Still have incontinence and of course no erections. One day I hopre to regain some function but, am happy to be here!

Posts: 261
Joined: Sep 2010


Good to hear from you again.

Have you ever considered a sling or AUS for the incontinence or an implant for the ED? I have known guys who have had them and had good results.

Best wishes and good luck.

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