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6 month scans...all good :)

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Recently had my 6 month scans...pelvic, abdominal and chest CT...all clear! I have a 3 mm nodule in my lung but it has been stable and might have always been there. I am relieved and have graduated to having scans every 6 months now instead of every 3

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May the NED's keep coming.

A 3mm node in the lung is nothing to worry about. That is what evey type of Doctor tells me.


Go out and celebrate a little.



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Good news and so glad for you!!

Hope your wellness continues and you live a life free of any worry.

Thanks for sharing this news with us today~

Warmly, Jan


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It's always a good day for good news.  So happy for you! 

May you continue having beautiful scans.



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Thanks so much...I read these boards everyday...I learn so much and have my eyes opened by everyone's experience...I have to admit that I am much more of a "reader" than a "writer" ..thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement ... Xo

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Happy "Graduation" what a great feeling. 

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