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Bloodwork done, 6 month post op scans one week: UPDATE: NED

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UPDATE: My husband ended up getting verbal scan results over the phone Friday afternoon. Our planned weekend of "distraction" at Disneyland while we waited for results turned into a celebration of NED. 6 months down.  I'll take it! 



It has been 6 months since my husbands radical nephrectomy for his T3a 7.5 cm chromophobe tumor. He got his bloodwork today and ct of chest, pelvis and abdomen are scheduled for Friday. It has been a long 6 months. My husband is an amazingly strong person. I am in awe of his strenght and determination every day. I wish I could take it the way he has, but unfortunately my heart is heavy a lot. I am thankful for the strength I can find here in the words of you all. Bravery, humor, and knowledge. 

BUT ON A POSITIVE NOTE, we decided tonight as soon as his scans are finished, we are taking our 8 year old daughter out of school and heading to DISNEYLAND!! i can't think of a better way to give cancer the middle finger than roller coasters, giant corn dogs and watching the joy in my husbands face while he watches the joy in our daughters. Thinking and sending positive thoughts to you all. Thanks for listening. 



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Skagway Jack
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Life is short enough even if we were to live to a hundred, go out and enjoy it.  My wife and I are headed to the UK this summer right after I complete my next set of scans.  No more holding back.  Hope ya have a blast!


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Go for it and everything else you would normally do. So far there is no reason to slow down from anything you would normally do and yes you deserve a treat today. And then of course treat yourselves to something extra. You deserve it. I guarantee the results from your test will be no worse if you go out and do everything you can do and then some.


And while your there have a Pizza and beer or whatever you like best.




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Just got my 6 month scan ,and scans were good ,off to vegas with my very supportive wife and best friends .Time for some relaxation time.Good luck next week with the scans and hopefully you too can be dancing with ned.


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I've felt a lot better since we decided to get out of town next weekend. Giving me something to look forward to and a necessary distraction. Also, NO MORE SCANS ON FRIDAYS! I'm thinking it's just too long to wait. 


Have a great week everyone. 

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Great reports! Thank God there are so many advances in kidney cancer.

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see original post for update

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Those NED reports always bring a smile to our faces!!

And Disney is a great place to smile! Enjoy!

Big hugs and smiles


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After my first scan I made a few phone calls and arranged for same say results.  It has been alot easier---particularily on my wife having to deal with me over past two years.

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great news and I relate with your worries; my husband is having scans on the 19th, a doctor's appointment on the 22d and we have a 2-week vacation in Hawaii on the 27th.

hoping it will be good news and a great break.




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