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It's been a long time

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Hello Everyone.

I've been missing, but not by choice.  For some reason I got blocked a while back.  I have no idea why.  I haven't been involved in anything controversial to my knowledge.  Anyway, it took until this afternoon to get me up and running again.  I have missed being able to chime in many times with words of encouragement or high fives -- Debbie, T, Longtime Survivor, John (Skiffen), Wolfen and many more -- Good news and sad news.  I hope you are all doing well.

My brother continues to do relatively well.  Not too many side effects.  That two inch hairline that has been missing at the base of his head finally came back!  His hair is the most gorgeous shade of silver grey I have ever seen.  His hair came back black!  LOL  It's a hoot.  He has a mini hombre going.  Black hair is better than no hair!  He is also still using his tube.  Saliva and taste are still a major issue with him.  Besides that, he is doing well.  Life is good.

Blessings to you all.


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It is nice to know your  brother is doing well, other than the kind of normal (lack of) saliva and taste.

I have never been blocked, but I have had content deleted.  My issue was putting a link to someone.

Keep it clean (LOL),


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Thanks for reporting back. Always good to hear how folks are continuing on and enjoying life.

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hi, shawn, good to hear from you, welcome back.  happy to hear your bro is doing well and his hair is back, even if its black instead of gray.  take care.


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