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leg swelling after radiation

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Need some advice.  I just got done with chemo and radiation.  Im not sure if I am starting to get lymphoedema or water retention.  I have been done for 4 wks now and even had visit with chemo doctor.  He said it look like it gone but I havent even had a scan yet.  I been exercise and went back to work.  All of sudden I have swelling in my ankles and lower legs.  I put some ace wraps around them  to reduce swelling.  I called Doctor and he said if get bigger than come see him.  However I have high pain tolerance and right now it swelling in the feet with tingling.   Is this the beginning of lymphodema.  I just starting to get side effect I guess.  I thought side effects hit you during radiation and then it suppose to subside afterwards.  Is there anything I can do or take to help preventing from having lymhopdema permentaly

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I have edema from about mid calf down to my feet. I have told all of my doctors and none have seemed too concerned. one suggested I wear support hose and let him know if it got bad and he would send me to the lymphedema clinic. It is bad enough that it makes me self conscious but not bad enough that i feel i need to go to a clinic.

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I still think you should get it checked out. Support hose, if it is Lymphedema causing the problem will not be enough. It won't hurt to get evaluated by a Lymphedema specialist. Also the MLD's they give you (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) are good for everyone and won't hurt anyone. But if you are in stage one Lymphedema, it could help role that back some and keep you from going to stage 2, etc.

All the best and happy spring time! (We haven't had much of one yet here in NY)


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