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Husband has sores in mouth

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My husband has NPC he was in the hosptial for a week 5 days of treatment Cisplatin and 5FU.  He also went through treatment last summer eurbitux and gamma knife well it didn't work and tumor grew a cm.  So his onoclogist now is giving him 5 in hospital treatments.   They put a port in.  I am also very worried because he is very very thin.   Last week was so hard on both of us.  Now he has these awful sores in his mouth from the chemo any suggestions.


My husband has been out of work a year and has been getting paid up until a month ago. I applied for disability for him haven't heard anything yet.   Now am falling behind on bills and mortgage payment.


I feel so bad for him and what he's going through wish I could take his pain away.   Many times he wanted to give up saying this no way to live.

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So Sorry to hear about your husbands rough journey, i am almost done with readiation, the mouth sores were the worsttttt!!!!  Finally a medication worked, my doc made up his own mixture, Lidocaine, nystatin, maalox/ one morning woke up and was just soooo much better, please mention this swish and swallow to his docs  gooood luck to you both.

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Hi Debi,

Could you find out how your doctor made that? Or give me his information and I can have my husbands doctor get it from him? My husbands throat is still coated with blisters.



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karen, so sorry your husband is having such a hard time and praying that it gets better soon.

God bless,


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Your having such a tough time. Lots of people on this site have shown that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking of you both.

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Karen - don't give up keep fighting on - for sores in mouth I can only offer salt water or baking soda water if either of these help or a combination is what I used 5-6 times daily- mouth infections/sores are a common side effect - does your husband have a PEG tube for feeding?  Nutrition and liquid intake assists in healing so is he getting enough in, find a way that works to get nutrition and the liquid intake he needs - I needed to use my PEG a near the end for gatorade intake 64 ounces a day to get more liquids to keep away dehydration and help with healing - don't forget there should be a team that helps you out at the treatment sight - seek them out for help in any area you need help with -


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5FU is a b*tch.....I did great all through rads and the first 3 doses of Cisplatin....but when they added the 5FU to the equation, nothing could get past my lips....my mouth had turned to raw, painful hamburger....and it didn't clear up until about 5 days before the next dose.  Does  your hubby have a feeding tube?  If so, everything....from food and water to meds need to go down that.  I did discover that L-glutamine powder mixed with water did not sting (where plain water did).....I was able to get that in my mouth, hold....then swallow it (I was terrified of losing my swallower)....I could only use a styrofoam cup, as everything else, including glass was too hard or rough.  If his lips are also bad, I used Aquafor on them.....but I had to apply it with saran wrap....fingers were too rough. 

Now isn't the time to give up.....only a couple more treatments, and he can start to heal.


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Thank you everyone,  my husband doesn't have a feeding tube yet but I think he's headed toward getting one he's is extremely thin.  I am very worried.  He said he feels like his throat is swollen.   I called the dr. yesterday sent a prescription to the pharmacy. and a mouthwash.

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I had terrible mouth sores after 7 radiation treatments which I think were radiation burns.  Anyway Magic Mouthwash numbed me enough to take in liguids and some pain meds, but I went to my dentist who used a diode laser on my tongue.  It was a low level laser used for canker sores and it worked magic on my sores (most were on each side of my tongue).  The next day I could eat again!  Hope he does not need a feeding tube and his sore heal quickly.



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My nutritionist suggested a mixture that they started using at UCSF....

One Tablespoon Aloe Vera Juice, One and one-half Tablespoon Glutamine powder and warm water.  Shake it up and keep in insulated canister to keep the water warm. 

I started using this mixture in week 2 of my radiation and it was a lifesaver.  I did not get one mouth sore nor did I get thrush.  I had it with me at all times.  The glutamine helps build the mucosal lining in the mouth.  Take in mouth, swish around, hold, then swallow.  I would tilt my head back and hold liquid on back of throat when the radiation was hurting me there. 

He can have up to 3 mixtures per day although my nutritionist said it wouldn't be the end of the world if I drank more, which I did on bad days.


I wish your husband the best.  And you, too!  This is a horrific journey that he has to go through and knowing you're there will ease his mind.  Good luck.



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This just sounds so perfect. All the things we discuss from time to time but put together. Let's get some reports from others. Hey Guzze, you ready by now?

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Karan sorry you need to be here and your husban is going through such a rough time. Tell him to just hang in there it will and does get better. So keep up the fight. Prayers with you both.


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hope hubby feeling better. Don, got last zap. Week 2. Maybe slightly tender skin and slight tickle in throat but all good. Know it early but eating like a horse and active every day. First chemo had no discernable side effects. IM sure I have it all to come but all good so far. G.

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