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Trial of Avastin and Ipabexilone

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IL-2 has been my first line of treatment for my lung mets discovered in January after Sept nephrectomy.  I did talk to National Cancer Institute about kidney cancer trials a few months ago and they gave a link to this study.

A Phase II Multi-Center Study of Bevacizumab in Combination with Ixabepilone in Subjects with Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma


I will find out Monday whether my initial rounds of IL2 worked and if not I want to ask the oncologist about the above study.  Does anyone have knowledge/experience with either of these drugs?

Since I am only two hours from NCI and treatment there is free this seems like something I might look into.  Seems like I meet the qualifications although I'm not sure about all the blood test results for liver, kidney, etc. 





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The first drug is a monoclonal antibody that blocks angiogenesis (i.e the formation of new blood vessels).  In that regard it is similar to Sutent, Inlyta, and Votrient.  However, it is not a TKI (Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor) and so may not be as effective.

I believe the second drug is more along the lines of traditional chemotherapy.  If I am right then it may require faster dividing cells (i.e. more aggressive) form of RCC to be effective.

Before you jump on this clinical trial I highly recommend you research to see if there are any immune-based trials you could qualify for.  These include those that are testing any of the various anti-PD1; anti-PDL1; anti-LAG3; etc. drugs.

I live only 10 miles from the NIH/NCI and am enrolled in a clinical trial of an anti-PDL1 drug.  I have been extremely impressed by the entire faciilty and all the doctors and nurses that I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

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I think you are right about the second drug--the abstract says it is like Taxol which I believe is a chemo drug used for breast cancer, etc. I did have significant growth in my lung mets between 1/9 and 2/24.  I don't know if that would be called agressive, but it was disconcerting to read the report.


When I talked to NCI a few months ago this trial was the one they emailed me about.  When I search using keywords like "renal" or "renal cancer" I don't see any open immune based trials open at NCI.  I have a good friend who was treated at NCI--they did a laparoscopic full nephrectomy of a 10 cm tumor--and he is always urging me to find treatment there.  Having grown up in the DC area and lived there for nearly 60 years I would be glad to find some program there.  I do have confidence in my current oncologist, Dr. Weiss at UVa's Emily Couric Cancer Center and was pleased to find out that I was going to get IL-2 at a facility that does several patients every week. 

Actually if I get good news on Monday it will mean another round of IL-2 probably in June, I don't know what sort of treatment Dr. Weiss will recommend if another round of IL-2 is not called for, but I wanted to get information on the NCI trial so I can discuss this with him.

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