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Oncologist recommendations

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I am going to be getting a second opinion in whether to continue votrient since scans have been stable for the past 18 months.  Do you have any recommendations fir the Houston or Dallas area?  Thanks.

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You may have better luck with this question at http://www.smartpatients.com


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IV.... are you thinking of stopping the Votrient? I am confused. What did you have in mind? Stable is very good, why would you stop or switch at this point?  

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You were asking for recommendations in Houston or Dallas area.  MD Anderson in Houston is top notch when it comes to RCC.

I, too, am wondering why you are dropping Votrient.


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My oncologist has given me the option of stopping votrient and seeing what happens.  I would like to see what specialist recommends.    I am leaning toward staying in it since side effects are manageable most of the time.  I think this oncologist has dings that the nodules in lung are cancer but original scqns showed several areas in both lungs.  I would feel better just.Not having the decision left up to me.

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Usually, you stay on the same drug as long as it is working... and stability is a good thing...!!  But, sometimes doctors (and patients) go another direction.. ya never know..!  Now if the next drug was an Immunologic type... go for it..!

Good Luck..!


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If he wants to give the option of stopping the drug, then i would stay on it but go down to the 200 mg dose.  I certainly would not stop the drug. To me that doesn't make any sense at all. Are you seeing Dr. Motzer at Sloan or do I have you confused with someone else?   Like Ron suggested, if an immunological drug comes along, try it, otherwise stay put.  Getting off the drug is asking for trouble in my opinion. Votrient is not a cure, it is just supposed to keep you stable, anything other than that is just an added benefit.  But all is good, stable is GREAT! 

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the drug either. I would learn to manage the side effects because it has been working. Then if the nivolumab becomes available, I'd get off the votrient. The side effects sre nothing. And the ned chances are better.

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Hi, I have being on votrient for 15 months the 3 months I had shrinkage them stable for 9 months and the last scan I had shrinkage again I have 9 mets in both lungs the largest now is 8mm down from 11.5mm. I would look at staying on votrient. I'am on 600.

Regards saintmont

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