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On Monday I had my 12 week PET/CT, yesterday the H&N doc showed me the results and told me its clean! It is still sinking in - Tonsil with 2 nodes stage IV advanced diagnosed 6 months ago - and now gone - I see the rad/onc in 3 months for a look see, the onc in May for his look and the H&N guy in another 6 months - they follow me 2-3 years then out to 5 - No more scans unless they suspect something.  Modified barium swallow was all positive, no hangups - food tates really good, life is good.  It would be way too little to say thanks to so many, especially all of you who go me through this - I hope this never comes around again - thank God, the docs, all of you, my wife, kids, friends - wow, it is amazing how people can care so much and give so much to help others out - I feel very fortunate - just wanted to share -



ps. I think I finally was able to upload a picture with my youngest - is there any better reason to fight on -

Love you all so very much



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Such a good feeling.  Good news.  Happy dance.

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steve, thanks for sharing your great news and that's a great pic of you and your son!!


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I get the picture, you are NED!  Congratulations on all fronts, you are now ready to carry on living.

Enjoy everything around you and don’t sweat the little stuff.

Best always,


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Feels damn good to be looking into the rear view mirror, at least some of the time. We are on bumpy road for a couple years then it really does smooth out from there. Whooohooo.

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jim and i
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Congratulations. May you have many more NEDs.



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Glad to hear all is well. As you said.............the fight is worth it. I love hearing the success stories, it relieves the stress from the sad ones.

Heal on........Live on


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We all love NED!



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Great to hear about your good report and NED.  Enjoy your family and good health,



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For you. Which is another way of saying delighted over here in Liverpool. I start treatment next week. I am also 'chuffed' that you can eat. Long may it continue. All the best. G.

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Doesn't get any better than NED

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Always great to have NED in the house.


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Hi Steve - way to NED. Onwards. 


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