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Do they give paps when you have had a hysterectomy? Concerned

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Hi all. I'm six months overdue for my cancer checkup and I am trying to get into a doctor because I've been having some familiar pains.  However, I've decided to go to a different oncologist because my normal one didn't see me but sent in a NP who proceeded to give me a pap smear. I was confused about this because I have no uterus or cervix to speak of - what could she have even found if she was looking for something? Isn't there a different procedure to check for recurrance of uterine cancer than a pap? The NP did take some kind of sample because I was given the all clear (and then they sent the Medicaid office documentation stating that I no longer had cancer, and Medicaid dropped me like a stone and charged me $5,000 for incurred expenses during my review, but that's another story) but I didn't feel that the procedure was thorough at all. On top of that, she had these manicured nails that were oh so uncomfortable; which I mentioned on my outgoing survey. I mean, yeowch, lady! Anyway, what have you all experienced on your recurrence checkups? Do they just do paps? Is that normal?


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I finished treatment 5/31/2013 and have the following follow ups:

oncologist - visit every 3 months,  scans (CT SCAN or MRI) every 6 mnths with a chest Xray

gyno oncologist - visit every 3 months and have had 1 pap smear.  I asked what for and that is to see if any cancer cells on the vaginal cuff.  She did say the jury was out on the necessity for that test

i am also on a 3 year colonoscopy schedule

everyone says to keep in touch with  your body and report any pain that is consistent and new, and inquire about any and all internal bleeding

I would ask very specifically what the team is doing to monitor you and if you are confused as to what the pap is for take the time to ask what is it looking for,  how often etc.  I do find listing my questions before I go helps me remember.  My team is used to me now and when they see my list take the time for me to go through each question


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I am almost 9 years from my hysterectomy and have been given Paps almost everytime I visited my gyne/onc.  I had a total hysterecomy.   Most recently my last two were abnormal and my latest one was HPV positive.   But the doctors weren't concerns.  So I asked then why are we even doing the PAPs.  In the meantime, I got a new gyne/onc.   He hasn't done one.  So it is confusing.   My new doc said it won't show if I have a recurrence for my endometriosis so I don't think he will be doing it.   With regard to positive HPV, it may take anywhere from 10 to 15 years IF anything develops.

My advice.  Ask your Onc what is the purpose for the PAP and see what answer you get.

My best to you.


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I was told by my ob/gyn and also the oncologist ob/gyn that "yes" I will have pap tests after the hysterectomy.  The oncologist ob/gyn will be responsible for them while I am seeing them and then my regular ob/gyn will continue after my 5 years NED.  I was under the impression that cancer can still grow or attach itself or whatever it does in the vagina and they need to check.      Jeanette

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Me too.  Every single time I have a checkup I have Pap.  Dr. told me that after all treatments and chemo are done, the most common place for cancer to come back is in the vaginal vault. I am 4 years out from chemo of UPSC.  Best, Debrajo

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My daughter has had a hysterectomy in 2009 and has had a pap every year since then.

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My hysterectomy was June 2011, and I've had a pap during every checkup since then (every 3 months) and will continue having them since I just progressed to 4 mth checkups. As others have said, the dr is checking for cancer on the vaginal cuff and vaginal wall. 

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I had a total hysterectomy on New Year's Eve 2012 and I just went again today for my 3 month checkup, and had a pap smear. I have one done at every checkup.  My gyn/onc told me that a pap smear is usually the factest way to catch a reoccurance early.  I am happy to say I am still CANCER FREE.  Smile



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Congratulations on a clean 3 month check up.  That is great news.



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Thanks Jeanette

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