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swelling during radiation?

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Is it normal for your neck to swell up where they are treating you during radiation? he has a mass in his lymph gland but it had went down after chemo and now during radiation ..it is swelled up again..is that just swelling from the rads? did anyone else have this? scares the crap outta me...

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I had swelling in my throat, but not so much along the outside of my neck.  Except, when I had my Jugular vein dissection to remove one bad lymph node, that swelling was short lived.

Mention it to the nurse or doctor; it is probably nothing to worry about.  But let’s find out.


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jim and i
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Ask the radiology oncologist to check it. It could be an infection. Jim had a gland clog and swell during radiation. It was over a weekend  and it swelled to the size of a baseball. We let it go to long and it was close to being absessed. Jim had to be hospitalized for 5 days on interveneous anti biotics. May be something else so I would definately ask to have it checked.


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I have heard others say they had swelling that prevented the mask from fitting so maybe not that unusual. Everything about this scares the crap out of us...so do ask the doctor.

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