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ASAP Need advice on Surgeons , squamous cell cancer in Lung

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I need second opinion, who are the good teams and surgeon for Lung Cancer ?

Squamous cells in Lung, getting scan done on Thursday to check enlarged Lympth nodes. Who are the good teams and surgeons, do I ask for  thoracic surgeons, or a different type ?

Anyone use Penn, or Univ of Pitt, or Jefferson ?


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Hello, Sorry you need to find a surgeon.  I had vat surgery for squamous cell to have my lower right lobe removed on 9-23-10, so far so good.  That was in florida.  My thoracic surgeon does about 40 vats a year and came to me highly recommended.  


Please post this on the inspire web sit also, there is a lot of traffic there and a lot of survivors.


I wish you wel, Lori


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Look for a specialist in thoracic oncology.   This link will take you to a list of National Comprehensive Cancer Network hospitals.   They have to meet extremely high standards to achieve that designation.  One of your hospitals is on it.  Wishing you the best possible outcome.  


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Hi Jaycc,


My husbands doctor's are all from UPMC.  For his lung surgery we were referred to a specialist in thoracic surgical oncology.  Our doctor is Dr. Jason Lamb who is just wonderful, both as a doctor and also just a caring human being.  I have only good things to say about his care at UPMC.


Best of luck to you.  Please keep us informed of your progress.

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