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Saw my ENT this afternoon , scoped throat all is well. He asked about the gardasil injections I had, and yes I way exceed the  age of gals & guys who should get them, he said since I was never a smoker and no evidence of HPV , that my stage 4A rt tonsil cancer may have been caused by something viral ,  he's glad my radiologist  and internist agreed that I should get the series of 3 injections. 

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what are the injections for?


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The injections are slated for young girls between 13 to 24, and young men as well, a preventative or so they think to prevent  certain types of  HPV ... It's a series of 3 injections, most insurance either pay very little toward it , or nothing..mine was nothing...the cost is what prevents a lot from getting the shots...all I can say is if it in any way it is effective in my treatment  then it was worth every penny. When I say injections, they are like a vaccination 

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Another H&N success, congratulations!

A few of our members have opted for the Gardasil shots for their kids.  Once HPV pays a visit to a parent it is not a bad idea to vaccinate kids or in your case, (or any H&N) we may be susceptible to cancer so why not knock one player out of the game (I really do not think it is a game).


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I think I read that Hopkins gives the innoculations for HPV following treatment in one of their clinical trials.  I think that it is given even if you are HPV+.  Interesting.


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