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moved appointment day

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Well my husbands three year follow up has been moved to May 8th. AND guess what, Saturday and Sunay he was complaining of a really bad sore throat. He said it hurt like it did 2 years ago and it hurts on both sides. I am going to watch it for a few more days, if the pain continues to persist I am going to ask that they move up his appt..

I guess what got me concerned, is thta he commented on his throat and followed up with, it's a good thing I see my ENT in a few days. I hate this crap..



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i understand your fear but its probably nothing.  once we've had the big "c", we tend to fear over most everything, me included!  anyway, just wanted to say I'm praying its nothing but a common sore throat.  please let us know and i hope time between now and May 8th goes by quickly.


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Posts: 537
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You know, you are probally right.. But ever since my husband has completed cancer treatment. Lets just say, the health fairy has not been on his side.

It seems like he has been dealt blow, after blow of health issues. Again, it is allergy season and I am hoping it's just a seasonal thing going on.

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Hopefully it isn't anything. If it persists, I would move the appt. up for peace of mind. Sounds like maybe his resistance got down and he hasn't been able to build it back up. Hopefully, just a run of the mill sore throat.

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I have different thoughts.  Since he has a bad sore throat, I would make an appointment with an ENT.  I would feel more comfortable after having being cleared by a doctor.  If nothing else, he could prescribe something to ease the pain.

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Just as I was about to cross the 2 year barrier I got a sore throat.  I t was my first illness of any type since cancer & treatments.  Luckily, I had one (unopened) bottle of magic mouth wash in the fridg.   The sore throat began on Feb 5th and lasted for 3 weeks, coming and going till it faded away.  It was the type of sore throat I would not have given a second thought about prior to cancer, but it garnered my attention this time around.

As it turned out it was nothing and the magic mouth wash was still wonderful stuff.

Good luck on the rescheduled appt.


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jim and i
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know the fear. I pray you can get into see the ENT soon to ease your mind.



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