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Some Will, Some Won't.

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Tonsil Dad
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Hi guy's.

Its been a very long time since I posted anything on the board. Some of you will

remember me, some won't. But I felt that Today I had to as today is my 2 year anniversary from finishing treatment.

I have visited the board quite often but never posted. I see a lot of the old guard are still here

and I see lots of new poeple. I would like to say to the new ones that this place was a god send

to me while I was going through treatment, the encouragement, support and love helped me

get to where I am today.

I am pretty much back to the way I was before , all the old habits are back....drinking and

partying, cruising and working ( and fishing Skiff ). All be it a new normal, my taste is no where near where it

should be but my saliva is about 90% ( I still have dry mouth at night cause I'm a mouth breather )

In the last two years Iv'e been to 6 funerals of friends who have all passed cause of this horrible

disease, one being my best friend two moths ago ( age 49 ), also my father started chemo 1 month ago

for CLL and my sister is on a 6 month watch and wait for complicated cysts in her breast.

I do read and think about of all of you on here and pray that all your lives will return to normal

as I have been blessed to have a second chance and cherish everyday.

Well it is raining here today ( South Florida ) but I still go to the Tiki bar every Sunday an recharge

the old batteries with a few beers , steel drum music and great friends.

All of you are in my prayers.

God bless you all

Tonsil Dad,


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Life goes on.  Some more normal, some more abi-normal!  Enjoy.

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I sure remember you!!! Laughing  You were right ahead of me, during treatment.....and I loved reading your posts.  I'm glad to hear that things are going so well....I'm about the same taste wise, and have less saliva than you.....but it's more than liveable.  

I love getting these "catch-ups"...


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Dan, start therapy two weeks ish. Just been to watch US owned Liverpool Football Club in memorium of 96 Hillsborough Bereaved (may be worth a google its a UK thing). Had a few beers. My biggest concerns about therapy are losing excercise and enjoyoing a few beers / travel. Been to states a lot but never Florida although got buddies who have retired there. Skiff beware mate! The G man may come to Florida! Glad u doing well Dan. Greetings from Liverpool mate.

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Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

Hi G,

Thanks for the well wishes, you're gonna hate me for this but I'm a lifelong

Man United fan.... born and bred in Manchester, moved over here the year before Hillsborough in 88.

As I said in the post this board was a god send for me before, during and after my treatment

so you are in good hands with this lot cause these warriors have been there done it and got the

t-shirt. You should know this more than most " You'll Never Walk Alone ".

God bless you G, and if you wanna talk email me.

Tonsil Dad'



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Joined: Mar 2014

Dan , Hillsborough memorial today and you will ne glad to know we beat Man City on Sunday. Got a lot of good pals in Manc. Agent Moyes is doing a good job since we sent him over. Hood to see you got your beer buds back like a true Mancunian! Ill bet you don't miss the weather! Let me know if you are ever visiting. G.

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dan, i didn't know you but am glad i had this chance to meet you.  it is always refreshing to hear someone is doing well.  i'm sorry for you looses and the news about your dad and sister.  this sh*** just doesn't stop.  i'm putting you all in my prayers for things to go well and for them to be cancer free like us!!  i was 2 yrs out this past feb.  its a great feeling.  thanks for stopping by, it was a pleasure to meet you.


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Hi Dan,

We joined the forum about the same time as I recall.  I finished rads and chemo in early November 2011.  I have often wondered where some of the people who were posting a lot back then are at, people like Tim from Idaho (I think that is where he is from).  There was also another guy who was a nurse, maybe he was from Canada.  Anyway hopefully everyone is doing well and and we all wish John (Skiffin) the best as he goes through his new journey and give some prayers for Pat (longtermsurvivor) who has given all of us a wealth of information.


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It is so nice that you are making “good time” with what you got.  I need to listen and do a little recharging myself.

Keep it up,


PS John, I just got finished with a half hour with Tim.  He had big (good) news!

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ALWAYS great to hear from past warriors and love to hear the great return to life and respect and gratitutde for it. Thanks for sharing.


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Glad to hear you are doing well; my God continue to bring blessings into you life.


Tim Hondo

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jim and i
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Conrats on the new normal and condolences for your loss. Good to hear from you and that you are doing well.


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Great to see your post and hear that life is good for you. Be happy :-)

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And a cold one at that....

Congrats bro...


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Tonsil Dad
Posts: 489
Joined: Dec 2011

Thanks to all for your comments, I still think of all of you as my cyber family

and when one of you is hurting it hurts me. Skiff extra mojo for you, longterm ( Pat )

prayers to you once again, jim, kate, Hondo the list is endless I'd be here all day writing names.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers

God bless you all like he has blessed me.

Tonsil Dad,



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Another bus mate !  So wonderful to hear your doing so well !  I'm 2 yrs. 4 mo's out.  I'm sorry to hear the amount of people in your life being touched by this evil disease.  I pray every single day for a CURE.  Please continue to post once in awhile and let us know how you're doing !  It was fantastic to hear from you !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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always great to see good/great updates from survivors. congrats


we will be looking again in two years for another update. Keep them comming 



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Big game for Man Utd sun. My kid brother will be in exec box at Goodison Park as he is an Everton fan LFC at home to Nowrich. Every game a cup final now. Hope you get the chance to catch the games in the tiki bar mate! In gonna have a day of footy, beer and curry before treatment!


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