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Shouldnt these Docs be talking?

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Skagway Jack
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I mentioned a few weeks ago that my first post op scan showed a lesion in my remaining kidney.  The oncologist clinic did not have my original pre surgery scan.  So when I met with the Onc he suggested we up the frequency of the scans based on the apprearance of the lesion (8mm). Scans were scheduled for May based on this.  A couple of weeks later I went to the Urologist for my quarertly blood work ups and he compared my original scan to my latest.  He showed me that the lesion had been in both scans and had not grown.  His educated guess was that it was a small cyst and presented no threat but warranted watching.  The Urologist felt it did not require upping the frequency of scans. He recommended 6 months for my next scan.  I said that was fine and would that be communicated to the Onc?  He said yes. 

A couple weeks went by and I called my Onc clinic to see if I should reschedule my scan.  They returned my call and said the Onc wanted me to continue with the 3 month scan in May.  I am ok with that, but what I dont know is whether the Onc and the urologist actually ever discussed things or if they just left things as is.  I got to admit I am not keen about using the contrast anymore than is absolutely necessary.  This last time it seemed like it took it awhile to flush out of the system.  What bothers me is I dont have the feeling that any one doctor is keeping the big picture in mind.  I dont know if they communicated through their staffs or one on one? I dont mind asking the questions, but getting through the nurse in the case of onc is tough.  My urologist is more responsive, but very busy.  What say the fine follks of the forum....1. just go with the flow and have the scan in May,  or 2. push to find out if the Urologist reocmmendation was communicated to the Oncologist? 



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Hi, Do you know for certian that the oncologist compared the two scans? I would push to find out, not so much if they communicated but make sure that the doctor understood your question (and didn't just think you were asking if it was necessary in a general sense). If it was me (or my husband, I guess) I would find out for sure with 100% accuracy that the onco did indeed compare the scans. I would then do whatever the oncologist recommended. 

As for the two of them communicating, this is an issue I'm about to face as well with my husband (who insists on seeing both his urologist and oncologist) so I don't have any experience with this yet (scans next week and he plans to schedule with both of them). 

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since you asked, I would be proactive and get all of your scans and keep your oncology appointment.

You can ask, at your appointment, to have onc call the urologist but honestly, why? It is the oncologist who should know what to do.

they are separate areas of expertise and if the oncologist reviews everything, then the schedule of follow-ups will be determined by him/her.

as for the contrast, we have been told it is the best view but if there is a reason (such as high creatinine), then they won't use it. 

If your bloodwork is good and you have no allergy or reaction to the contrast, go for the best possible view.


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I would have the scan done in May.  I understand you don't like the contrast but i would prefer that to the possibility of the lesion growing/changing and then not knowing that until a few months down the road.  Keep on top of the lesion as much as possible. Also, get copies of all reports and now they even put the scan results on a disc and you can pick it up and have on hand to bring back and forth to the Oncologist. He can compare them all right in the office if you get all the scans on discs.  Hoping all goes well for you...

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and get contrast as soon as available. Don't worry about the frequency or the contrast. Because being too casual about this can be deadly. I have had 20+/- scans all with contrast in 3 years. I figure that if something happens down the road from these scans, I'm still lucky because without them I may have been dead already. Lesser of 2 evils. I'll let you know in 10 years.

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Skagway Jack
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Well sometimes I try to forget about this disease, and press on like nothing happened.  A little too much of that perhaps was why I was hoping for the 6 month scan.  Getting the scan in May is actually good as I hope to making some major changes later in the year.  Piece of mind is a good thing. I will end up seeing both Docs again in May anyway and I can seek clarification on their communications then.

Thanks for the advice from everyone.  I think this forum really helps, because I can run things by the folks here and not wear out my care givers at home.  Thanks All,  Jack 

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