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Jim coming home. UPDATE

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jim and i
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They are releasing Jim on Sunday. He is so thrilled to be coming home. Pkease pray I can care for him, ie: help to turn him and get up to use bedside commode.



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Continuing my prayers to both of you.  I remember my sister's husband getting in patient care but there was a limit in the number of days.  Hope you have had enough rest to continue to provide the care.  God Bless

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Jan Trinks
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Glad to hear he's coming home tomorrow.  Will be praying for y'all and for strength for you to meet his needs.  God Bless


Jan (Basketcase)

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praying Godwill bless you w/new strength to take care of jim.  glad he gets to come home.

God bless,


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You have my prayers for a peaceful time at home. G.

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Good to hear this. I bet it lifts his spirits and calms him down.


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May God bless you & Jim during this journey.


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Good to hear!  I think about you two everytime I wet a line.  Positive thoughts and Mojo!!


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Sending a lot of positive thoughts and prayer to you both today.  


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That is good news and I pray for you that all will go well, do you have any family nearby that can help. I hope so but if not I pray that God will send an angle to give you the strength you need.


God Bless you and Jim

Tim Hondo

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jim and i
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Jim arrived home about 1:30 pm Sunday. He was thrilled to be home. He had to many visitors and I think they got him keyed up because he couldn't sleep. I gave him some sleep medicinearound 12 am but he still did not fall asleep until 2am. Then I was so keyed up I couldn't fall asleep until sometime after 3am. Jim woke me at 7am and was up and restless until around 9am. He is now sound asleep. I had two cups of coffee to wake me up so I can't sleep. I pray he gets his sleeping straight soon. And I am going to limit visitors in late afternoon/evenings.


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Prayers your way, and for the fisherman....


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deb, limiting visits sounds like the right idea for both of you.  hope you both get some good/deep sleep soon.

praying for you,


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