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Post Treatment PET scan - just want to share good news

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Got my result of the PET scan.  All negative and tumor (NPC) "resolved."  Four months out of treatment (radiation and chemos).  Report said there is activities detected at the salivary glands as well as "diffused muscles activities."  So  I take it that the "physiological acitivities" are good things indicating they are rebuilding in the healing process.  In addition, the thyroid gland is normal in size and functions.  Was worried for a while that it may have been damage from radiation since it is a common side effect since the radiation was in the vicinity.    Have been able to eat tacos and burritos from Taco Bell especially the supreme version where they have beans and sour cream to make it soggy and soft.  Shrimps tasted good when boil in beer.  Still have dry mouth at night but not as bad as before...able to tolerate it.  Energy and strength coming back and feeling better with each day.

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Delighted for you! Did you get though without a feed tube? I start in a couple of weeks. Thanks.

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At first I did not want the feeding tube.  But as treatments took it toll, I went to the emergency room and had the G-tube installed.  Was not able to eat or drink much water and was very dehydrated.  Lost alot of weight fast.  So the feeding tube slowed down my weight loss issue.  My wife went crazy with the feeding tube.  She pumped whatever she could into me.  I left like a turkey a week prior to Thanksgiving.  Had it took out after two months since it started to bother my stomach and I felt I could eat again.  It poked the inside of my stomach making me nauseated.  Forced myself to eat whatever I can and drink as much as I could.

Prayers and best wishes are with you Guzzle.



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Purplemountain, congratulations and here's to many more clean scans:)


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Thank you Keith.  How often should I expect to have more scans?



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You're doing great, Purple!  I had NPC, too....and I sure wasn't eating taco's and burrito's 4 months out....so you are healing up pretty darn quickly. 

They'll keep a close eye on your thyroid for a long time.  Mine didn't start giving up the ghost until about 8 months out.....

Keep heeling, keep loving life.....you made it!! :)


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Hi P.

When I first joined this site, you were one of the first to gave me helpful advises.  Reading your experiences soothe my mind and give me strength to fight on. 





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Four months post with a good PET and improvements on all H&N side effect fronts. 

Does that include the big smile on your face?

Here’s to happy days ahead.


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Yes Matt, I had a smile...well more of a smirk when I read the PET scan report.  I had it 8am in the morning but choose not to read it until I had my breakfast.  Was worry that the results will ruin my appetite either too sad to eat or too overjoy to want to eat. 


Called all my friends who were with me along this journey and told them the results of my PET scan.  Started out with "My PET scan result is ... well ... UNFORTUNATELY (paused for dramatic effect) ...you have to put up with me a little longer now."  It just made the happy news more intense and magnified.


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pm, so happy to hear you are doing so well.  we always love hearing good news.  wtg on the taco bell.  that is fantastic.  many still can't eat spicy stuff like that, so you're ahead of the game.  the dry mouth should continue to get better day by day so you are doing fantastic!!  keep up the good work.

God bless you,


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Thank you dj

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Fantastic news!!  

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Having mine done April 29 (at 4 months), and hoping to meet NED too!  Scopes and exams all good so far, just awaiting PET.

Now you can get on with your life and it sounds as though you are able to eat most anything.  I am not ready for tacos or spicy food yet.



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My scope and exams were normal before the PET scan.  So I think you are right there next to me with the results.  Keeping my fingers and toes cross for you.



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D Lewis
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Great news.  Happy to hear this. :)


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jim and i
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Doing the happy dance. May the good results continue.


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Great News.  It was about two years after treatment before I received the all clear.  I remember going to a friend's retirement party that night, but had to hold back in spreading the word.  I did not want to take away from her celebration. 

Prior to that, I was scanned every six months and there was no growth.  The doctor wanted to give me a feeding tube, but I talked her out of it.  Now you can start enjoying life again.  They are so advanced in treatment that there is no comparison with yours and my after effects.  For me, I am just happy to be here and able to post.  Aloha! 


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I will start my journey to recovery in your foot steps sir.



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Glad to har the all clear. you are well on your way running back to great health. Your post had me laugh as I recollect the first time I noticed my diet had returned was when I went to Taco Bell and ordered up a couple burritos and enjoyed every morsel of them both!

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Congratulations on the good news

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Great news!! Glad all went well. Only four months out, they always detect activities. But as long as the shrimp taste good, what the hell eat on. The dry mouth got better for me as time went on but still need lots of water or beer (cold not boiled)

Heal on


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Gotta love this news - here's to continued healing!

Positive thoughts!


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Well played mate.

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