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Scan Results!

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Well at long last I have had a bone scan, all was clear thank goodness!! The scan was dealt with by a top Radioligist along with her trusty side kick, so I feel that at last the results can be trusted. This will be a novelty for me bearing in mind the issues I had with previous ones. I just have to have a brain scan now then no more radiation for a while, hooray! I have had so many scans in the past year, I think I must radiate a permanent glow.

I am still tiptoeing through the early treatment of Votrient. I had a severe reaction in the initial stages, I was on 800mg but the treatment has since been reduced to 400mg. I am still having side effects but at a lesser level. I have banging headaches, and brain fog. My gums a very sore and swollen and I am not so enamoured with the salt and pepper colour in my hair, but c'est la vie. The oddest side effect is black finger nails. I am sure that whenever I don my Goth Gear they will be a perfect accessory, but it's a little out of sinc with my regular look, lol! My nails look like they have taken some heavy bashing from a hammer.

I would be interested to know how much 60 400mg of Votrient costs in the States. I received my health statement this week and was shocked to see the price was equivalent to $4000 here. I am so thankful I don't have to contribute to the charges, with having cancer the uside is I am 100% coverage for all my health care. 


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Dj.. so glad you are getting some clarity..!  OK on headaches... do you check your blood pressure twice a day..?  This is imperitive on some of these drugs.. as they are known to elevate the BP.  If so.. call the doctor and get something to help it.  Black finger nails..?  Talk to your doctor about that please.. never heard of that.. 

On costs, my negotiated cost on Votrient was $7,500 a month.  


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Will do! thanks Ronnie:)

Djinne x

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YAY for the clear scan!! You deserve this so much!!

Now for the side effects..black fingernails? Whew..

Best to you and yours!

Warmly, Jan

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     That is wonderful news, I hope the results just keep getting better and better! The salt and pepper hair would be ok, but the black fingernails? It still beats the alternative!

                                            Love and prayers for good health!


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Hi Djinnie,

Glad to hear your bone scan was clear.

On the cost of Votrient, my insurance company's negotiated rate is $6,000 per month for a 30 day supply of four a day of 200mg tablets.  Having a 20% copay, I hit my out-of-pocket maximum pretty quickly so it isn't costing me anything right  now.

I would definitely see the doctor about the fingernails.  I've never heard of that one.  I think that there is a tendency, when we are on these powerful drugs, to dismiss anything that comes along as a normal side effect, but some things can be a sign of a serious problem.

Good luck on your brain scan!


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Well done Djinnie!  You definitely deserve the good news.  Your attitude is an inspiration to everyone.

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Djinnie, you were glowing before radiation!  Always like a little ray of sunshine, yes you are. 

I am so happy to hear promise and hope in your voice (I even imagine it in accent)!  It sucks that your'e having those nasty side effects but thank God you're having those nasty side effects.  It means something is being done to eradicate this evil cancer from your body.  Before long you'll be better than new.

What a blessing to have 100% coverage for your medical expenses!  That's one less worry.  The very idea of the huge financial burden my cancer has put on my husband, can easily bring me to tears.  We will be paying my share (after insurance) of these outrageous medical expenses for a very long time.  It's a heavy load to bear.   Still tho...I am thankful for what coverage I do have!! 

Hope you have a blessed day, my friend.  Keep you chin up and keep glowing!


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I bet your glow screws up the scans. You could never hide in the dark. Get better. No matter what it takes. You are up for it.

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Well I am certainly glowing after those supportive comments, thanks guys! I consider myself so lucky to be connected to such a great and unique group of people. It makes so much difference when you are fighting all this crap:)

Djinnie xx

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Hi Djinnie

Sorry to hear of your latest trials and tribulations. Hope everything improves pronto quick including those darn side effects. Thank you for all your encouragement to all of us in the past and may you maintain your great sense of humor.

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Hey Scottie, thanks for the post, nice to hear from you! How have you been doing?

Djinnie x
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Sometimes when all around you seems to be going to H... in a Handbasket, you can come on this board and hear some truly amazing good news.  So bat your eye lashes at you know who, kick up your Can-can and enjoy.


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So good to hear Djinnie that scans are better.  Have been thinking about you.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  When i go to bed at night I think of all the people on this forum that I know and dont know and pray for them.  I just love this forum and it is such a help to me.

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So happy for you, Djinnie! And your sense of humor never quits. What a woman! Keep the positive stuff coming!

I agree with Brea - I think about you people all the time - have you all in my prayers every night.



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Hey there JoJo, LOVE your  new avatar pic!! Gorgeous!

Thanks for thinking of others, God Bless you as well,



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Hi Djinnie,

I am doing Ok thanks, my surgery was on May 1 last year and I have healed really well.  I have the usual aches and pains but that's most probably age related, sigh! My next check up is scheduled for mid May so here's hoping.  I did have a slight disappointment last week when my labs returned with kidney function a bit off.  Primary care doc is keeping an eye on it so recheck in June.  I suspect I might have been a bit dehydrated so I am going with that at the moment.  Doesn't do to dwell on stuff. But hey the weather is great right now, can't beat those blue skies.


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Sounds like things are looking better :)

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I am glad the karma I sent to for earlier post is finally starting to work.





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Great news D!


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