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Latest scan

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Today I saw the doctor for results of both CT and whole body bone scan - some more slight increase in tumours but L1 lesion is still stable and nothing new in the bones.

Oncologist wants the films reviewed by radiologist who did previous scans to confirm measurements as increase by more than 20% (currently measured @ 21.4%) means withdawal from Meteor trial. Will know more on Friday. next plan if everolimus is ceased is to give Sutent a try. There has been mention of another trial for a new drug at a different hospital and will get further info about this next appointment with my regular oncologist who is on vacation at the moment.

not a good result but again no new lesions so could have been worse.

best wishes to everyone.



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Gordon Charles
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of the different meds I tried before coming back to INLYTA...for the second time.  And don't forget, I seem to remember from somewhere that there is a body of thought, although small, that the accumulated activity of various drugs may indeed produce a benefit not achieved by a single therapy.  Kind of like a one-two punch.  Every drug out there passed a rigid testing protocol and we can only hope that they help in other ways as well.

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Still.. sigh..

Sending you caring thoughts so you know you are not alone.

WE care and will walk this journey along side you.. if.. you want.

Keep us posted,

Warmly, Jan

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Hang in there Sue. 

Hopefully, Friday will bring clarity and a new game plan.  I'm pulling for you and sending good vibes your way!

Keep your chin up!

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I am still hoping that good things are still in my future! On the upside my daughter and I have been given a trip to a health retreat and we leave on Saturday at a very luxurious retreat on the north coast (Olivia Newton-John is a part owner). Can't wait to have a few days of spa treatments, great organic food and celebrity spotting!!





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Good luck on Friday, Sue. I will be thinking about you. Gordon's comments were encouraging, though!

And have a great time with your daughter at the retreat resort! (and here's hoping you get to see some celebrities!! I have always loved Olivia Newton-John - if you see her, tell her Jojo says "hey" :)



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Sue, have a great time on ur vacation and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Hey Sue, 

I will be thinking of you on Friday! Sounds like you are in for a fun break though, what a great opportunity to relax and put all the other stuff to oneside for a bit. Have a wonderful time!

Djinnie x

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