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Winter Marie, Sundancer, who else am I missing?

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Just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you guys.  If you can check in and say hi, great!  And if not, just know that we miss you.

(I know there are a ton of others too, so feel free to add them here if you have someone you are thinking of and haven't seen here in a while)

Lots o' love~AA

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I haven't seen Donna (dmj101) in a while either...hope you're doing ok!!    Oh, and Pepe, anyone know how he's doing??

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Is anyone FB friends with him?

I think there are a bunch of people who have been quiet lately.  I hope we can find out how they're doing.

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I am still here..

I have been lurking the last few months..

I guess I am trying to get on with life and not stay strapped to my computer.

I think of you all often and wish you all the best.. and when I have something to share I chime in..

Love you..


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If you have a minute, it would be great to have you add an update on phil64's thread "status check".  If not, no worries!

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I have missed your posts - best to you!

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I love your pic! Is that you and your daughter? She's beautiful!

I hope you and your family are doing well.


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both are adorable 2 year olds.  My youngest is 9 and I'm glad to say that the toddler years are behind me!   I much prefer babysitting and then returning them to their parents.

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I know what you mean. 

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My youngest just turned 15 yesterday. Talk about freeing! Some people wish they had small children again but I have to say there is nothing like sleeping in on a Satutday so I'll pass.

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Still here and fighting....

Busy week this week......scans tomorrow and another try at chemo this Friday. 

I had my first reaction to chemo last time.....a really bad trip.......I asked to stop the infusion as I was hurting so bad and quite frankly it was a little disconcerting to say th eleast.  The hurses came in and filled me full of sterioids, benadryl, and demarol + fluids etc to calm the situation. 

That was round #5....so hopefully it will go better this time.  Their plan is to infuse those extra things they calmed me down with first in hopes that it will ont flare up again.  Still, it makes one hesittant to want to possibly go though that again.....but I've got to try and hope that was a one-off situation.  We'll see and cross that bridge this week.  I'm not abundant with choices anymore, so we need to keep this going as long as I can do it.

Some good news.....

Ny nicece and nephew, LMS and the other two girls are coming for an Easter visit.  They are aware of my condition so I hope their expectations are not too high.  I look pretty good.  Down 91;bs amd 11 waist sizes.  Lean and mean....

I'm hoping for a nice viisit and that I can do a a few things while they are here.  My nephew wanted to come because deep down he was afraid he would not see me in good condition or worse.  I guess those Garage Talks really made an impact on the both of them when we were up there for her grandpa's funeral. 

Still here and thanks so much for checking on me, Ann.  Pain is still a constant issue but the surgery kicked in some and I feel some of the benefits from doing it finally.  I plan to do it again at some point.  And there is another medicine he wants me to try in clinic for pain.  It is an O/R anastehsia drug.  I have to go in clinic for monitoring to make sure I don't go loco.  We'll try this once and see how it goes.  If it works, great...if not, we discontinue immediately.

Good to see you.  Sorry I haven't been on much at all this fight; it has had alot of challenges.  I still hope to be able to sit up enough to write another post one day.  I really miss all of that and being so connected with the community.  Sometimes I feel adrift and want to get back here but the pain is a challenge in sitting up, so that's really hinddred me this time around. 

I know you all understand.  But, I'm still with you even if my pen lies dormant.


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Craig, it is so good to read your update.  I hope you find some relief and are still able to keep up the good fight.  Enjoy your family visit for Easter - you should get some bunny ears or something for when your company arrives. 


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Thanks for the update Craig. we all really miss you. I am glad you get to have some joy in your life on Easter.

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Although I'm sorry that the journey continues to be so rocky. Frown  Havng not seen you around these parts too much, I worried that was the case.

I'm going to be holding you in my heart as you go through that scan, and hoping for great results.  I'm also really hoping that the next chemo is not so hard on you...the round that went bad sounds very scary.

So glad that your family is coming to see you! I know you will have a wonderful Easter visit.

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oh Craig....just to see you post is so wonderful.  I so hope you have a great Easter visit....no expectations....you are a lucky boy....my girl is going to the in laws....sigh....just kidding no probs....hang on Craig...that chemo round sounds like total bummer


I am in wait phase....had CT scan yesterday Monday and have onc apt on the 30th!!!!!Cry good grief....not one of you out there that doesn't  knowthe pain, the crappy things we invent, the waste of energy involved with waitinnnnnnggg....this too will pass.....send love to all.....snow is finally starting to melt but we are still under 3 or 4 feet....


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Nana b
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Pepe isays he is doing find. Got to meet Pepe in Spain. Very charming fella.

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So nice to see your post, Craig.  I've been thinking about you.  Hope you have a great Easter.



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I've been visiting here a little bit recently.  It's good to see a post from you.  It's just not the same without your insights

on here.  Sorry to read about all you've been dealing with....

Sending you light and love.

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So glad to hear from you Craig and so glad to hear of your upcoming visit!

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Still here and doing well.  Back in Dec., the chemo I was on quit working, so switched back to Oxi/Xeloda and hoping that combo would work, it quit working before, but since this was a second PRIMARY tumor, then the thinking was, that the second primary has never had the Oxi/Xeloda and it might work.  For the month of January, the CEA rose, then six weeks (after second chemo) later it dropped three points, then three weeks later it gained three points.  At this point we realized the drop in the CEA of three points were probably due to my quitting smoking in December and the rise was a real rise, so I've been scared lately as I am out of chemo's if this doesnt work (except for that Stirvarga (sp)of which I'm unsure of it's ability to work well).  My next CEA came back a ten as well, but this past CEA was 9.6, so was this a fluke? Was the testing off a bit? Or do I really have a drop in my CEA?

So if you all can tell, alive but have been busy being worried about my tumors and shrinkage and all that, that I curled up into my own little world for a while, trying to keep the fear away, yet preparing for the worst.  

Here's the next CEA being lower!

Thank you for thinking of me, I do appreciate it.

Winter Marie


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I am so glad to hear from you. I am really hoping and praying that the 9.6 CEA wasn't a fluke.

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Sounds so familiar. My CEA is jumping and jumping. I have to get my head around it. I want it to be a fluke too. Lets both go for flukes (such a fun word). 

I hope the spring sun is shining down on you and you can get outside and breath the fresh air and feel the sun on your skin. I think thats medicine for the soul. 


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I'm going to go with "not a fluke" until proven otherwise, and am really hoping that doesn't happen!  Pls keep us posted...

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Fingers crossed for another drop!  Congrats on quitting smoking!

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Thank you all for your updates.  TY Anna for posting this "forgotten people post" which I'm sure there are more.  Just wanted to let everyone know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily and wishing you the best. 


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