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Help for Dry Mouth at Night

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My husband still has a pretty dry mouth at night - he hooked up a Camelback Hydration bag to the bed frame and now he doesn't need to get up to get a sip of water. Try it!


Hope everyone is well and enjoying SPRING.



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Thank you for the information.  It adds to other recommendations and gives us several alternatives.

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Where do you get this bag ? I use Biotene gel about four times a night. Thanks

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Great idea!

I keep a glass of water and take 2 Xylimelts before bed time.

At 2 years post I am actually approaching being able to make it through the night with nothing. 

Skiffin was correct (as were many veterans) it does get better with time.


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I have just the oppsite problem.My mouth just keeps filling up with slivia.And even more as I try to talk.I have to stop and spit otherwise I mumble or drull all over the place.Into my 3rd week of rads so not sure if it will effect my glands or not had thisproblem before surgery.

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Get this, my mouth often feels driest when I have plenty of saliva.  I think the feel from rads is part of the problem.

Also, I keep a supply of pillow cases for drool clean-up.


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Mine also.Think I'm able to swallow something but then can't feels dry and still use either a thick shake or pudding.Sometimes sleep with a towel.Should of been my first clue last summer that something was wrong but figured it would go away.

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I do not think anything is wrong.  I just think, this is the new normal.  At 2 years post things are still getting better, I taste more, I can wonder away from my water bottle and as they figure out my Thyroid my energy is getting stronger.


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Time Bandit
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I had the same issue and I do mean had. My wife really got upset about the extra spit but you can swallow only so much. i would carry a plastic cup with a lid with me whereever i went. This will change. it took a few weeks after the rediationtreatment stoped before I had a complete reversal. Now i don't have enough but it seems to be improving. it's been a year since my last radiation treatment.

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I started taking the Salagen ( or generic equivalent) and think that it's really helping, especially at night.    I had taken it when I finished treatment but wanted to see if I could do without it or if it made a difference. I think it really does. 


Still have aver the water by the bed and like having it handy. 


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I have been using Stoppers 4 for almost 6 years now and it has been great for me, a few sprays and off to sleep again. A few years ago things changed and instead of dry mouth my sliver started to come back and I did not need it as much, but I still keep it by my bed side just in case.


Glad you found something that works for you.


Tim Hondo

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16 months post treatment - dry mouth still a huge issue at night  - every time i eat i am still spitting up phlem. ringing in the ear sucks as does my hearing and tingling in the toes - other than that i feel fine., cant go up to bed without my ottle of water or for that matter travel anywhere without my bottle of water

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At almost a year out, I've gained probably 70% of my saliva back. It's not enough to eat without the "chew, chew, sip, swallow" routine but I do "Ok" at night for the most part. What I find odd and I have no idea why this happens, if I lay on my back watching a movie or browsing with my laptop, my mouth goes really dry. However, if I lay on my side or get up for anything, the saliva starts flowing. I sometimes awaken with a bit of dry mouth but using a breathing strip on my nose helps me from catching flies when I sleep ;) You got me. All part of the "new normal" I guess.

Positive thoughts and prayers


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I thought I was the only one that had that, laying on my back problem. Not so much now but a few weeks after I finished tx that started happening and got a lot worse, I used to lie on my back a lot to nap, but my mouth would go dry in an instant, it is 75% better now. 


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