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uterine stump please help

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Hi I'm new. I had a total vaginal hysterectomy 5 yrs ago recently I've had severe abdominal pain so I went to the ER they did a ct scan and found masses  referred me to gyne so I went did pap everything clear went for ultrasound and saidone of the masses are on my vaginal cuff however after the ultrasound she immediately went to the radiologist instead of the original Dr will receive report in 24-48 hours he typed up the report instantly and sent it to my Dr. he referred me to the gynecological onc the report states there's a mass on my uterine stump possible seroma does anyone know what this means? how do I have a uterine stump with no uterine. the Dr assumed I'd have an appt tomorrow however nobody can get me in for a few weeks. my gyne said I needed surgery within a week or so. I'm confused on all of this can someone possibly explain?

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I'm just confused can this be cancerous why is he sending me to the onc because of the stump or the seroma I know it's growing it grew a cm in a week and is touching my bladder again if anyone is familiar with this please explain what you do know. thank you

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Double Whammy
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I'm sorry I can't' help because I really don't understand.  Did you have a hysterctomy for cancer 5 years ago?  Hope your appointment is very soon so you can resolve this!    I do know that seromas are usually NOT cancer, but something that can happen after surgery - but 5 years??  Good luck and please let us know what's going on. 


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I am sorry your Dr did not give you a clear picture of what is happening. I would imagine that the uterine stump is what is left after your uterus was removed-probably referring to the vaginal cuff. My gyn called the gyn/oncologist to make an appt for me. That was his usual procedure. However that Dr did not accept my insurance and it also took me 2-3 weeks to get an appt. You could ask your gyn to call and see if he can get an earlier appt. Please let him know that you have questions and are not really sure you understood his diagnosis. I'm sure he will be happy to clarify.

I hope you are able to get some support and clarification from your doctor,  Sandy

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Sandy, your post reminded me when I was given an appointment for my gyn onc while sitting at my gyn's office.  The nurse told me to call the office to see if I could get in earlier.  They said sometimes when the patient calls they do find openings.  Two years ago instead of waiting until the 17th I was able to get in on the 11th.  Six days earlier meant the world to me and meant surgery was on the 27th. 

As my mom always said, "What is the worst they are going to say?  No?"

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I had a hysterectomy in 2009 due to recurring severe cervical dysplasia, it never entered my lymphnodes so they got it all doing a tvh.  is it possible to still have part of my uterus in there? I know stump stands for. ... soft tissue of unknown malignant potential so I'm just wondering if the cervical dysplasia can reoccur or he'll Idk...... I did get a date to the oncologist I did call and ask if they had any cancellations would they call so now I'm going in Friday 10 am.  I guess this is a possible cancer situation I was just hoping someone else has had this issue and could give me some insight, from my googling it's rare and usually is benign but can also be malignant. on top of the stump is a mass and the ultrasound says possible seroma. so yes 5yrs post op is a long time to me to develop this. my gynecologist was not helpful at all in his findings and that really really irritates me I hope the onc is better, can anyone tell me what to expect my first visit. I also have a large dermoid cyst on my right ovary excruciating pain I know the gyne says I needed surgery, I'm rambling but at the same time that's y my name is lostnconfused cause I really have no clue what's happening here. Thanks

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I used to work in an ER in an office position.  There, I learned that a seroma is a fluid collection after surgery.  There are other things that are fluid collections that aren't seromas, such as hematomas (bruises), which are filled with blood or dried blood, and abscesses, which are filled with pus.  The fluid in a seroma is clear fluid.  I looked it up on the Internet and found that it's composed of blood serum, the fluid part of the blood which has no blood cells, platelets, or clotting factors.  It can build up faster than the body can reabsorb it and it forms a lump.  I found that in veterinary medicine, it's commonly found in areas of friction and movement.  I don't know if that's true of human seromas or not.

My daughter had a dermoid cyst once that she had removed.  I learned from reading up on them then that dermoid cysts can be made up of all kinds of things that you wouldn't expect in there, like teeth and fingernail-like material.  Those things aren't always in dermoid cysts, but they can be.  My daughter's had a tooth in it.  I could see how that could be particularly painful. 

I don't think seromas are malignant, but I suppose it might be something else that is.  It may be something that they can just put a drain into, but you'll probably need the dermoid removed surgically.  That's the best info. I have for you.  I'm not a medical expert by any means.  

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