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update on her2 positive EC treatment + question to others

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Although Claude's oncologist said that he was going to get herceptin only on his visit with her 20 feb , they decided at their staff meeting March 13 that they should add LV5FU2 again . so the treatment is now again Herceptin + LV5FU2 
she feels there is not enough data on using herceptin alone to control EC.

Could those of you using herceptin alone describe your oncologists reasoning for using Herceptin only with no other chemo. Thanks a lot.

Claude is four years from diagnosis, two years from recurrence, was tested late for her2 , has now had two years of chemo , and one year of chemo + herceptin.
he is feeling pretty good and is active physically and has good appetite and has not had many side effects from chemo + herceptin.
all the best to all,

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Hi Daniele,


I've been receiving weekly herceptin by itself since May 2012.  My doctor's rationale is pretty much that it's working for me, so let's keep doing it.  After 12 rounds of folfox and weekly herceptin, I tested clean.  The folfox had apparently killed off the cancer.  Our hope was that continuing the herceptin would fend of another recurrence.  It seems to be working (my next test is due in April), so we're not going to change what's working.  


Glad to hear Claude is still doing well.



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Thanks Ed,

The fact you tested clean is probably what makes the difference. claude still has something lighting up on the pet scan.

As we talked about before, there is not much data on using herceptin for EC & gastric cancer and   especially for using herceptin alone.


Hope all is well at the next test. it's great to hear you are doing so well.

let us know how it goes.

all the best,


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