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A few simple things that helped me be a six year cancer survivor of UPSC

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This is an answer in response to a question from bohemian girl.


Hi, these things will be of the most help to you:


1. Go to this web site and read the info, its rather short, then pay close attention to the acid/alkaline foods and try to eat more than 70% from the alkaline side. The reason is cancer needs an acidic environment.



Then take the time to google acid/alkaline foods and as complimentary treatment.


2. Take very deep breaths, expanding your abdomen and hold for 8 seconds then let out slowly.

Reason—cancer needs an anaerobic environment.


3. Brew good quality green tea using water that is just under a boil, let it brew for twenty minutes, add lemon only, think of it as medicine, which it is and drink within the hour.


4. Use turmeric (curcumin) and black pepper (piperine) with warm olive oil, (cold pressed, extra virgin only). The olive oil, lipid helps the cells to absorb the turmeric black pepper combo.


5. Eat concord grapes as the first food in the morning. Long reason

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Thanks so much for these helpful suggestions, May I ask what stage and grade you were at diagnosis?

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I after my total hysterectomy I was told that there was not residual cancer cells (UPSC), I was happy, then at my 6 week check up the doctor told me to see an oncologist radiologist, for treatment options,  she said that she advised, just to observe, since the cancer was removed at the time the gyn/ono did a biopsy prior to my hyst.   I agreed, but since have been doing alot of research and come to the realization that most have the chemo and radiation.  I will do what you suggested.  thankyou and blessings on you.  Ark1974

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"Just observe" for such an agressive cancer is not often heard around here.  Did you see a gyncecological oncologist? 

I know everyone is different, finding UPSC early is very rare and my heart cries for the women who are not as lucky.  I was Stage 1A with clear lymph nodes and, due to the nature of UPSC, had the full monty of chemo/radiation/chemo. 

I would be interested in hearing more.

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I, too, had chemo and radiation for UPSC stage 1A.

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I underwent hormone therapy which was successful but the cancer then recurred and spread six months later. I had a total radical hysterectomy but no chemo or radiation afterwards. I was Stage 1b, or 2a or something like that.  I think it depends on the doc what type of after-treatments you will get. Some are just more thorough than others. Heck, I had the hardest time getting my oncologist to even pin down the stage and grade, which is why I'm unclear on what stage I was. It was like he felt it was not important to know.  Most women I have talked to, though, tend to have at least done radiation after the hyster.

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