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bad day-dancnbear

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had severe pain in right arm and had to go to er. xray showed possible met to bone in  right arm. Dr. asked me to come over to see xray. went to sit down and chair gave. fell directly on bad arm fracturing it right through the mets area. arm immobilized and given pain pills.question now is it rcc and can arm heal without surgery. cant get a break----well got a break but not the one i need





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I hate to hear that DB.

keep us posted on the situation. Take care if the immediate need.....

you are in my prayers tonight.

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That IS a bad day, dancnbear. Praying that it goes as well as possible. But it is great to stil see you still have your sense of humor!

Big hugs,


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You were supposed to sit in the chair. Not dance on it. At least that will be what the insurance company for the doctor/hospital will claim.





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What an aweful story. So sorry. I can't imagine how you feel. I hope you have pain control. I'm very interested in your follow up. I'm just so surprised.

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that is the word that comes to mind; since my husband had mets to bones, it is possible that the fall helped to fracture. 

let us know what further tests show


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Skagway Jack
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Well you know the song.  Sorry to hear that.  What a freak accident.  I hope you heal quickly and you can put this behind you quickly.



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Billy's Wife
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I love your sense of humor. It reminded of a time about 20 years ago.  My mother had been battling breast cancer and undergoing chemo. She was 63 at the time.  Her best friend asked her to go to lunch.  On the way into the diner my Mother tripped and fell on the cement.  She fractured her arm and sprained her ankle.  When I opened the door that evening for a visit, there she was in her winter skull cap covering her bald, from chemo, head,  her arm was in a sling and her foot was up on a chair for her sprained ankle.  Our eyes met and we both busted out laughing.  I said to her if this wasn't so sad it would be pathetic.  We could barely stop laughing to talk. 

Keep your sense of humor it is a valuable asset! 


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Hi Dancnbear, 

I am so sorry to hear about your accident, are going to see a specialist regarding the healing process? It was an awful thing to happen, like you I find black humour always pulls you through, dare I say was it the Humerus Bone?

Take care of yourself, let us know how you get on:)


Djinnie x

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Bad break is an understatement. I read this last night and actually felt ill for you. Most of John's (one putt) pain originates in his shoulder where he has a bone met. He takes pain meds daily to keep the pain under control but he does not have full range of movement with that arm--no golfing, carrying out trash, or bringing in groceries. While all trials are different, John's medical team has chosen to treat him with pain meds to not compromise his trial statusl. Keeping fingers and toes crossed this won't interfere with your trial.

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spent morning on phone with ortho and cancer team. all agree cancer but have yet to meet with clinical folks but have tslked to them. ortho says immobilize for 3-4 weeks and see ih heels on own. if not then rod will be placed in arm. possible radiation if needed for pain. waiting to hear what all this means with the program. typing with left hand so spelling off  have pain meds for pain so thats good  wearing same shirt for 28 hours so i stink...lol

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I was a little pissy about work today...till I read this.  You sure have a way of making one check their attitude!  I have nothing to be pissy about!!  Duly noted.

Hopefully your arm will heal on it's on and not require surgery.  I can think of a lot of things I'd rather give up use of than an arm.  Especially my right arm.  Anyway, keep us posted and, don't worry about the left handed spelling, I do good to spell correctly with BOTH hands! 

Take care!


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Hi DB,  spelling is the least of your worries, I am sorry it turned out to be cancer. I hope the pain meds keep you comfortable and that you heal well, without the need for further intervention. Do you have someone on board to give you a hand over the next few weeks?

Djinnie x

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got wife and older son to lean on

 and a dog that jumps on me to make sure i dont sleep too much and to make sure i take my meds. if i dont then it will hurt when she lands on me....

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Sounds like you are in good hands and paws! Hope your four legged friend is more lap dog size than Irish Wolfhound!

Take Care:)


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OMG so sorry.  Thoughts and prayers and hugs!! If ortho is at Einstein, he is very good. If so, it seems you are in good hands all around!! Best wishes coming your way- keep us posted.



I am alive
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But obviously not today. Good grief. Thank God you have your family and doggie friend you help you get through this mess. 

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Take it easy and use those meds Dbear.

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     Wishing you a fast recovery without surgery!

                                        Sending prayers for good health!


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and it keeps getting better..... was told need rod in humorous bone then follow up with limited radiation. need to get done in 4 weeks to stay in program.....diagnosis is mets to the bone.....

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I was shocked by what happened to you.  I cannot even imagine getting hurt during a doctor's appointment.  I'm so sorry that all of this has happened to you.  I'm glad you have help and support at home.  I was thinking that if it were me, I would just get it fixed right away and be moving on to healing as fast as I could.  And then you wrote that you are going to have surgery to get it fixed.  Besides that, won't they be taking the cancerous part of your bone out?  I wouldn't want them leaving it in there.  In case you don't know, my husband at the time of diagnosis was stage 4 with mets to bones.  They removed an entire vertebra that was affected, then had radiation follow-up to the area.  He also gets a shot of Demosamub once a month to help strengthen his bones.  Please look into that because it is very important for anyone with bone mets.  I have been trying to learn about clinical trials, and I was wondering since you are quite new to this trial, didn't they require nuclear bone scans prior or CT/PET scans?  I know you are going to be okay.  The faster you get it fixed the better you will feel. 

One other thought:  When we were waiting for a routine CT/PET scan this other couple told us that they see a orthopedic oncologist.  We have not.  I don't know if that is important or  not.  I just thought I would throw it out there for others to perhaps comment on. 

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dancnbear my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  Hope all mends well and the pain meds work.  Wishing you all the best during this  time.

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HUGS to you, dancnbear! You are in my thoughts and prayers, honestly.

Guess your new job will be to work through this new issue and the treatment necessary.

Know that we'll walk this journey along side you too, if you want us to.

Better healing~ Jan

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